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How to keep your house tidy with small kids

>> Feb 6, 2016

Having kids is probably the most beautiful thing that could happen to any individual. Every single moment spent together is unique in its own way and the emotions you share are special, to say the least. On the other hand, kids are a lifetime responsibility and require special attention and care, particularly when they are small. Keeping the house tidy is probably one of the most difficult things in all the scope of work small kids require. Every parent could use a helping hand there, period. Having all that in mind, this is what we advise on the matter.

Have the kids involved

Keeping a house clean is surely easier when everyone in the family is involved. This goes for the young ones, as well. The sooner they learn the importance of keeping the house tidy, the better. Naturally, they are not expected to clean the bathroom, but teaching them to pick up their toys after they finished playing with them is a good place to start. There are several ways to do this, all of them resulting in taking some of the burden of your shoulders. On top of that, it will teach your kids responsibility, something they will come useful when they grow up.

Establish a routine

Although it is impossible to have a full routine with small kids around, having at least some is necessary in getting anything around the house done, tidying included. What this means in practice is, for example, to delegate half an hour after lunch to washing the dishes and putting them away instead of just leaving them in the sink waiting for another opportunity to do it. You will be surprised how quickly the kids will become aware of this routine and stop expecting you to entertain them during those thirtyish minutes, regardless of what choir you use them for.

Take every opportunity to vacuum

Regular vacuuming will soon become your most important weapon since floor surfaces are kids’ natural playground spots, shoulder to shoulder with beds and armchairs. There will rarely be a chance to vacuum the entire house while kids are in since it takes time to complete, something that parents constantly lack. Instead, opt for partial actions, completing single spots at a time. Also, take steam vacuum cleaners into serious consideration, not only they are perfect for regular vacuuming, they are exceptionally efficient against the myriad of stains kids are able to produce practically anywhere around the house. They will save you a lot of time.

Regular decluttering

One of the biggest issues related to keeping the house tidy is to resolve the problem of obsolete things that kids outgrow or lose interest in. Decluterring is important on more than one level and the sooner you and your kids accept it as a completely normal and desired activity the better. You can spice it up by marking every box that contains obsolete items with a smiley, a mark that will emphasize the fact that the stuff your children are not using anymore will in fact make someone else happy. Soon you will have a much tidier home and children that know the importance of generosity and sharing.

Keeping your house tidy is important on so many levels. Still, remember that times flies fast and that kids grow up so fast. Be flexible, if they really want to snuggle or play with you, all the choirs can wait a bit longer, do not miss an opportunity to enjoy your time together as much and as often as possible.

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