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5 Information That Can Save Your Kid's Life

>> Feb 23, 2016

Keeping your kid safe is the most important thing you have to do. Still, you cannot keep your eye on him 24/7. That is why you should make sure your kid has all the important information in case of an emergency. Here are 5 things your kid always has to know.

Where the nearest police station is

First of all, you should teach your kid to turn to the police if anything bad happens. For example if he gets attacked or lost. He may not always have the access to a phone and that is why it is important for him to be able to locate the nearest police station. What you should do is show your kid where the police station is and tell him that is the place to go first if anything happens. You should also show him how to get there from some other locations like school or park.
How to contact emergency services

If your kid stays home alone a lot you should of course teach him which appliance he is allowed to use. Make sure he stays away from the oven and iron. Even if your kid does not get in contact with any of these, he should still be aware of the fire department contact information just in case. Have the fire department number written down somewhere near the phone so he can find it quickly if in need call. There are also 24 hour emergency cares your kid should know how to contact in case something happens. Tell your child that every country has a different set of emergency numbers and that he should only use those you have written down.

A code word

A code word should be something you and your kid will use to confirm messages or rides with other adults. For example if someone else has to pick up your kid and the kid does not know about the arrangement have the adult say him the code word so he knows he is allowed to go with them. Make sure your kid knows he should not go anywhere with the adults who do not know the code word. Pick a code word only you kid will know and make sure the word is easy to remember.

Your contact information

In case your kid gets lost he should also be able to contact you as soon as possible. That is why it is necessary for him to know your home address as well as your home number. Tell your kid to call you if any type of emergency occurs. Make sure he knows both your cell and work number just in case. He should also know the work location of both parents so he could get there if he cannot reach phone.

How to act near animals

Kids may not always know how dangerous some animals can be. That is why you should teach them how to act around animals. Even though most of the kids love dogs you should make sure your kid knows he should not get in contact with stray dogs as these might be dangerous. He should also know how to protect himself from stray dogs. If you live in a place like Florida your kid should be aware of the places where there might be crocodiles and stay away from those.

All of these information can save your kid’s life in case of an emergency. That is why you should make sure your kid is aware of all of them. You can also role play an emergency so you can see how your kid would act in such a situation.

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