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Role of Family in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

>> Feb 20, 2016

The impact of an individual’s addiction goes beyond that person. It incorporates the family along with other people in a person’s life such as colleagues and friends. The immediate family tends to be the most affected because of the close relationship that they have with the person who struggles with substance dependence.
Impact of Drug and Alcohol Addiction on Families

  • A successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation program requires family members to be aware of what their loved one needs. When a person suffers from drug addiction, the lives of family members are thrown into disarray.
  • There are situations where families are in as much denial about the problem as the addict is. This can be attributed to various reasons such as feeling ashamed or angry about the situation and being unable to address it effectively.
  • Some people may blame themselves for not being able to notice or stop a family member’s abuse.
  • Trying to ignore or hide the situation makes it even more difficult for the abuser to overcome this serious problem. It isolates the addict and affected family members who do not want to face the problem and deal with it in a constructive manner.

What Families Need to Know

  • Recovering from addiction successfully without help is very difficult. People who struggle with addiction need the support of their families to help them recover. It is important to understand the family dynamic and how addiction affects each person as well as how long it has been going on and the harm that has been caused. Visit http://www.arise-network.com/ for more.
  • Both adults and children need professional family support. There are children who may have been exposed to addiction within their families and they need to restore the relationship they have with family members who are recovering. Dealing with drug and alcohol issues in a timely manner goes a long way towards preventing the risk of a relapse after treatment.
  •  Shame, embarrassment and confusion over the years in a family need to be dealt with by learning about addiction and the mental illnesses that are associated with it. Family members need to be educated about how to support troubled loved ones and get them the help that they need.

Getting Involved
Families that actively participate in the process have a positive impact on the person who needs to join a treatment program. This usually encourages the individual to get treatment because there is an assurance of ongoing support during the process.

Most family members want to play a role in their loved one’s treatment. Including the family during treatment is highly recommended for the best results. After intervention and the initial stages of a treatment program, the family is guided on how the treatment will take place.

The role of family in treating drug and alcohol dependence is vital for successful recovery. It is important for sober and clean individuals to be able to go back to a family that continues to be supportive. Participating in family intervention and subsequent treatment makes a significant and positive change in the addicted individual’s recovery and overall life.

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