Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

5 frugal home decoration ideas for spring

>> Feb 17, 2016

Do not let all the hype surrounding New Year’s Eve deceive you, it is the coming of spring when nature makes the full circle and starts its new cycle. It is very fortunate that our home decoration ventures follow the same pace and the upcoming arrival of spring seems like the perfect opportunity to unleash our sleepy inner decorators and make our homes shine again. Let us see how we can do that on a budget.

Declutter and Renovate

We should point out that making any kind of plans while your home is cluttered or plagued with small malfunctions and breakdowns would be like building a house on a rotten foundation. If you want to get a better insight into the space you have on disposal and make yourself a clean slate for all the future decoration undertakings, be sure to solve these issues first.

Let the House Soak in spring

Now that you have made yourself a clean canvas it is time to paint it, and is there a better way to do that than with the appropriate spring colors? The combo of lush plant life and colorful pots will awake your home from its winter sleep, and bright yellow curtains will help it to soak as much sun as it can. Let your walls, cushions and blankets follow the same pattern, to completely re-energize your home’s tired winter-weary look. If you have a problem combining all these different styles and colors, you can use some inexpensive fabric to establish some unified pattern throughout the entire house.


Tell some Story with Wall Stickers

Of course, no matter how your walls may be beautifully painted, an empty wall is an empty wall so, if you have a lot of these, there is no need to resort to some bland, go-to filler pictures. Wall stickers are a much better way to deal with those voids and their solid dark tones (they are usually sold in black and dark brown varieties) can complement bright wall colors quite nicely. With a pair of skilled hands and few interesting photos to complement them, wall stickers can be easily turned in works of art on their own.

Take Care of the Furniture

Ugly and worn out furniture can really be the elephant in the room. Do not allow it to ruin the whole refreshed look you were trying to achieve, and salvage what can be salvaged with sandpaper and some paint. If you, however, do not have too much to work with, you can easily turn everyday stuff into creative furniture, or spend some money on flea markets and garage sales. Do not worry, though, these places are filled with beautiful and affordable pieces, and the right buyer’s agent will know to appreciate every investment you have made in your home if you, at some point, decide to sell it.

Let There be Light

The way some room is lighten can make or break that room’s look, so make sure that you leave nothing to chance and make your house good looking even when the sun goes down. The final word on how your lamps and chandeliers should look will, of course, be yours, but warm lights combined with colorful paper lanterns can complement the vivid spring look quite nicely.

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