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Helping Your Child Heal a Broken Leg

>> Feb 23, 2016

Playing football with friends, running by the pool and climbing trees are just some of the things all the children like to do. But the harder they play the harder they might get injured. You can take your look away from your child for just a minute and he might end up getting injured. One of the most common injuries with children is a leg fracture. Depending on how bad the fracture is a child may have some trouble dealing with a broken leg and it is up to you make his healing process as easy as possible. And here is how to do it.
Talk to the doctor

First of all, the most important thing is to talk to a doctor who treated your child at the hospital. He will tell you how bad the fracture is and what you can do to make the healing process easier for your child. He will also tell you whether your child can walk on that leg. There is a special shoe that prevents the cast from breaking when a child with a broken leg is allowed to walk. On the other hand if he is not allowed, you will be provided with crutches or a walker at the hospital. If your child gets crutches make sure you help him learn how to use them. You might also consider renting a wheelchair.
Prepare your home

Having a broken leg means that your child is going to spend some time at home. What you should do is try to make it as suitable for him. Remove all the rugs and electrical cords which might make it even harder for him to walk with crutches or a walker. Make sure you also make the bed as comfortable as possible. There should be a pillow or two that will elevate your child’s leg during the night as elevation can help reduce swelling. Bring a TV into his room if there is no one already and prepare a bunch of DVDs that will keep your child entertained. Try some other activities that will take their mind away from the fracture as well.

Keep a close eye on the leg

Monitoring the leg and checking cast is going to be another thing you will have to do. Help your child take a bath without getting a vast wet. If the cast gets wet, it can lead to a skin irritation. Also make sure that your child does not put anything on the cast. Look for the signs of skin irritation and bruises and if you notice something strange, contact the doctor. If your child uses walker or a cast shoe make sure you check those regularly. If it gets broken or damaged you should get a new one immediately. If you are looking for medical supplies in Sydney there are local companies you can turn to.

As a parent, it is up to you to make sure that the whole healing process goes without any troubles and that your child gets well as soon as possible. Spend as much time as you can play with your child in order to make the whole process much easier on him.

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