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Teachergive Sale 2023

7 Reasons to get your degree in Hospitality Management from London Universities

>> Mar 23, 2016

Picking a country to study hospitality and hotel management might not be as hard as you thought. This is because London has the best of these institutions. Here is why this is true:

 1.   Many institutions
There are many institutions around London that offer the courses. All of these universities are highly ranked and you will acquire the best knowledge and skill set for you.  There are 45 world-class universities offering large-scale and multi faculties.

2.   First Hand Experience
Whether pursuing art, hotel management or hospitality management, you are assured of places to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. This will increase you experience, meaning that by the time you finish your studies, you will have gained enough experience. You might land a job at these establishments and start a new life.

With a degree in hotel administration London hotels and cafes will welcome you to work for them. You can start and run your own business there as well.

3.   Recreational Facilities
All work and no play make will you a boring person. Your creativity diminishes and you may not have the best project for your thesis.
London has a solution for you. There are many excellent recreational facilities around the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. They include Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. A visit to these places will expose you to different foods and cultures. This is an incredibly important asset for your schooling.

There are many museums, you can watch the opera, classic plays and admire UK’s architecture.

4.   Highest quality of education
London is crowned for the highest quality of education and it is the center for academic excellence. There are more than 70 Nobel Prize Laureates from the London system of education.
Four of the top forty universities in the world are from London. This makes it the most sought-after country for pursuit of higher education. It also houses the highest number of international students because of its international standing.

5.   Libraries
There are more than 120 academic libraries housing over 150 million books. More than 3 million books are added to these libraries annually. This means you can find all information you need on hospitality and hotel management. The architecture makes is it easy to learn what the old style of hotel management was.

6.   Accommodation
Despite the high number of students from around the world as well as local students and residents, there is enough room for everyone. This is because of easy access to the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. People are not stuck at city.

7.   Access to other countries
When looking for new travel destinations out of London, you can easily access Italy, other European countries and as far as Istanbul. This will not break your bank.  Through your travels, you will learn more about hospitality practices and you could also get work in these countries as an intern, manager or entrepreneur.

In conclusion, your dreams of becoming the best hotelier is within your grasp and you should send your application to London universities.

Author Bio
Jenna McDonald is a world-renowned hotelier with years of experience in hotel management and hospitality. She consults with many universities around the world. Her degree in hotel administration London School has put her ahead of many in the first-paced hotel industry. Visit her website for information on the best hospitality courses and hotels.

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