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A visit to Kerala visiting all the important temples within the state

>> Mar 22, 2016

The state is Kerala, apart from its pristine beauty, is also known for being one of the most religious places in the country, especially for the Hindus. The whole state is dotted with big temples and the festive seasons are a perfect time to visit the state, in case you are looking to visit the state for its religious sites.

The Southern State of Kerala has much to offer as far as it comes to the places of religious interest. Kerala temple engineering is one of a kind, and it is in congruity with the common assets and the climatic states of the locale. Elephants are a fundamental part of a few of the celebrations. A beautiful timetable of celebrations and strict love conventions are connected with the many sanctuaries that line the scene of Kerala. The state is picturesque in every way and is considered to be one of the best destinations for a honeymoon trip in India, also the most on demand in the Kerala tour packages. Mentioned below are some of the most popular and iconic temples in the state of Kerala.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
A champion amongst the most eminent sanctuaries in Kerala, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is orchestrated in Thiruvananthapuram. Done up in Dravidian style of building, the haven is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and backtracks to eighth century. The asylum has a 100-feet high gopuram worked in the Dravidian style. The icons and figures found in this sanctuary is made of an unprecedented blend inconspicuous anyplace else.

Guruvayoor temple
Committed to the Hindu God Lord Krishna, Guruvayoor Temple the central attraction of this temple is a four-furnished standing Krishna passing on the conch Panchajanya, the plate Sudarshana Chakra, the mace Kaumodaki and a lotus with a Holy basil wreath. Guruvayoor is various a period figured as the Dwaraka of the South and along these lines one can survey its acclaim. In the premises of the asylum is a tank, which according to legend was a spot where Lord Shiva and his family adored Vishnu.

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple
It is an old spot of love and a champion amongst the most appreciated temples of Lord Shiva. History lets us know that this very temple was surrendered for and was later restored by Vilwamangalam Swamy who is associated with various other Kerala sanctuaries. Redesigning was finished in the sixteenth century and starting now and into the foreseeable future the asylum has flourished. The sanctum is round alive and well with a pipe formed copper plated housetop.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple
One of the most famous temples in Kerala to visit, Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is dedicated to Devi Parvati. It has transformed into a huge interest for women who on a particular day in Mid Feb-to-Mid March, cook Pongala, a mix of rice, jaggery, coconut and ghee in mud pots in the premises to please Devi. Thousands take an enthusiasm for the event; the line of enthusiasts extends all up to the lanes.

Sabarimala Sastha Temple
Apparently a champion amongst the most standard sanctuaries in Kerala, Sabarimala Sastha Temple is masterminded close Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is similarly one of those spots where adventure is performed on a limitless scale. It is acknowledged around 50 million pioneers visit here consistently. Sabarimala is figured to be the spot where Hindu God Ayyappan ruminate in the wake of destroying demoness Mahishi.

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