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USA! American Cars Worth the Money

>> Mar 31, 2016

There are numerous car manufacturers around the world, with some importing mufflers from the Philippines while other preferring all the gears to be made in their country. We all love our classic Toyota Fortuner from the Philippines but American cars are often overlooked and the ones we have listed down have proven themselves to be some of the best cars in the western hemisphere. The brands may be quite familiar to you, which should come to no surprise as these companies have been producing quality cars for decades. So what are these cars? Check it out! 
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When talking about American Cars, one cannot help but think of the brand founded by a Swiss racer and automotive engineer—Chervolet. Throughout the years, the company has produced some well-known cars which some may even call iconic such as the Corvette and the Camaro, which is the vehicle form of the fictional Transformers character, Bumblebee. But perhaps among all these cars, one vehicle that particularly stands out is the Chervolet Impala. Named after the graceful African Antelop, the Chervolet Impala is truly an automobile any owner would be proud of. It's a classic vehicle that's been around since 1957, with a break from 1986-1993 and 1997-1998. Throughout its numerous redesigns, car enthusiasts have stuck it with this car mainly because of its reliability and gorgeous features. Today's Impala certainly does not cut any corners as evident by its lush and roomy interior, which is perfect for anyone six feet and above in height. Plus, you know you'll have an easy drive thanks to its competent and fuel efficient engine.


The Tesla Model S is the second vehicle of Tesla Motors and its first sedan. Since its initial production in 2012, the car has garnered rave reviews worldwide and was even called "Car of the Century" by American magazine Car and Driver. It was also considered one of the Best 25 Inventions of 2012 by world renowned Time Magazine. Today it ranks second among the best-selling plug-in electric vehicles of all time, a position it earned well. What makes this vehicle stand out?

First of all, it was made by a company considered to be an infant by most Automobile manufacturers as Tesla Motors is a mere 13 years old, having been founded in 2003 by founder of SpaceX and co-founder of PayPal, Elon Musk.

Second, underneath its conventional exterior is technology unlike any other. Since it is an electric car, it does not rely on wasteful fossil fuel and instead just needs to be plugged. One might think you might run out of battery in the middle of a trip, but if the 65 kwh battery pack can travel 208 miles, what more can a stronger battery do? 
Third, almost everything inside the car is touchscreen or on a screen. No dials on the dashboard; instead, there's a huge touchscreen which gives you pertinent information such as the battery charge and energy consumption. You can also control the audio system using this screen.

Finally, it has a performance like no other. It may run on a battery, but it does give you one of the smoothest rides ever. There's no engine in the front and instead, you'll simply have an empty space where you can store your things as the engine is located between the two back wheels, the same type of motor invented by Nikola Tesla whom the company was named after. Not only will you be owning an eco-friendly car, but you'll be owning one that has its roots straight from the 1800s.


If Sedans and full-sized cars are not your type, then perhaps an SUV is more your taste. We're talking about the Jeep Grand Cherokee, one of the finest vehicles to roll of the Jeep production line. Unlike some SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has always used a unibody chassis. Although production started in 1993, the idea actually started a decade back when American Motors Corporation wanted to create a smaller Jeep Cherokee. The result was the 1989 Jeep Concept 1 show car and four years later, production for the Jeep Grand Cherokee started. There have been four generations of this vehicle and each one is consistent with the excellent quality of the last. It's reliable both on and off the road and with several engines to choose from, you're sure to get the car you want. The interior is quite luxurious with up to date features and the exterior certainly does not disappoint with its strong angles, modern grille and fascia and capless fuel fillers. If you want an all American SUV, then the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect vehicle for you.

Cars may come and go, but these cars are here to stay. Pick the right car and for sure it will last you for years to come.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
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