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Cleaning Your House before an Inspection: 5 Rules to Follow

>> Mar 8, 2016

A home inspection is something that most people don’t focus on when they’re selling a house and that’s a huge mistake.

Sometimes, home inspections occur because you are selling the house and as a result, you will need to show potential buyers the home. To ensure that the house is capable of being put on display, an inspection is conducted.

One of the most looked at aspects during an inspection is how to clean the house. If the house is dirty, you will probably fail the inspection. With that being said, it is important to have your house cleaned and be ready for inspection. Below are 5 golden rules of cleaning that any home owner should abide by to ensure that they pass the inspection.

Rule #1: Clean the Garden
The first thing that any inspector will look at when they visit your house is the garden. If the garden is messy and has dried leaves, then it will put the inspector off before going inside the house. Be really sure that the garden is clean. Remember, first impressions really do count.

Rule #2: Clean the Carpets
Cleaning the carpets is often overlooked by many individuals. It is important to realize that inspectors pay attention to every single little detail of your house. In order to leave a good impression, you must clean the carpets. You can purchase carpet shampoos from local stores. If you want to go a step further and make life easier for yourself, you should rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine. This will make carpet cleaning simpler.

Rule #3: Clean the Kitchen
One of the toughest jobs when getting your home ready for inspection is cleaning the kitchen. It’s really hard to start cleaning the kitchen because it’s hard to decide where to get started. People get confused and forget a lot of details when cleaning. You can start by cleaning the kitchen table, then the kitchen counters. Double check everything to make sure that the kitchen is thoroughly clean.

Afterwards, clean the appliances and make them shine. Remember to use a degreaser to make life easier for yourself. Remember, the inspector or the potential buyer inspects everything, not just the stuff in plain sight.

Rule #4: Clean the Bathrooms
Again, a very tough job to do but it must be done. When cleaning the bathroom, a bottle of bleach can be your best friend. Spread some bleach on the bathroom floor, counter, sink, tub, and the toilet itself. Leave it for 10 minutes then start scrubbing. After cleaning, your bathroom will look so much better and it will sparkle.

Rule #5: Spray the House with a Deodorizer
No one likes nasty or bad smelling homes. Even if the house looks good and clean, no one will like it if it smells weird of funny. With that being said, it is important to use a deodorizer to ensure that there is no bad smell in the house. Remember to use air fresheners so that your house smells magnificent.

Andy is a blogger and marketer at Walkers specialising in international relocations.

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Nancy Chan March 9, 2016 at 4:00 PM  

Good and practical tips. Have a great day!

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