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Teachergive Sale 2023

Hot Trends in Jewelry That Hot Mums Will Love to Follow This Year

>> Mar 20, 2016

Unlike before, mothers are no longer content to just stay at home and dutifully fulfill their child-rearing duties. Contemporary mothers are multitasking in the truest sense – not only do they take care of the family but ensure that they lend value to whichever job they are associated with. They are also no laggards in participating in social events – it is as if the act of becoming a mother has given them the extra energy! While most jewelry designers seem to have only single ladies as the target for their exquisite creations in precious metals and gemstones, there is an emerging breed that is recognizing the aspirations and potential of fashion-conscious mothers. Some hot trends in diamond jewelry fashion, especially for mothers:

Maximum Impact with Black and White

Black and white as a color combination has enjoyed an exalted status ever since fashion came into existence. Avant-garde jewelry designers have taken this combination to a new height altogether by employing the new rhodium shade that is absolutely jet black to craft extremely chic looking jewelry sets featuring scintillating diamonds and jewels inspired by Art Deco. You can also get to see flashes of creative genius in the way silver, enamel or white gold with the sparkle of rhodium is used to lend special effect to the jewelry.

Added Allure with Studs and Earring Jackets

Young mothers have taken to upping their oomph factor by wearing diamond studs solo. This can add a whole lot of versatility to how they can look by combining with properly-selected clothes and accessories. When the jackets are added, they can create a very different look. You do not have to possess a great deal of knowledge about fashion and style to use studs and jackets to add allure. Their versatility gets a real big boost with their availability across a wide range of prices. If you are a creative person and know where to buy loose diamonds online, you can very well design a pair of ear studs with great character for your mother, this coming Mother’s Day.

Chokers and Necklaces That Make a Style Statement

The necklaces and chokers made quite an impact at the 2015 Oscar awards ceremony. Stylish moms can put them on to make a real style statement in combination to almost whatever they chose to wear, right from knitted dresses to lightweight denim, and when the chokers have diamonds in them, they would definitely hold their audiences in thrall wherever they go.

Gold-layered pieces

The classic combination of gold and diamonds just refuses to go away even if there are temporary distractions with platinum, titanium, silver or some other white metal. When mothers want to show the world that they haven’t lost any of their pre-marital daintiness;minimalist and delicate diamond gold-layered jewelry can bring back the days of innocence once again. With prices of gold settling at more reasonable levels, there’s all the more reason to stay with the warm metal.

Earrings That Whisper Class

Super moms will love the concept of oversize earnings that shot into the limelight at the Oscars and have stayed popular even in 2016 because they manage to go very well with an extraordinarily large number of spring ensembles, ranging from the very simple white shirt to complicated-looking necklines. The concept of oversize earnings as typical junk jewelry gets turned upside down with the addition of some sparkling diamonds. Modern mothers have also adapted with great success asymmetrical jewelry designs or even whimsical designs to reflect their youthful energy and outlook. When these designs include a trail of tiny diamonds, you can be very sure that a very sophisticated persona will shine through.

Author bio: Samantha Roberts is a fashion designer who has recently launched her line of jewelry. She has written a number of articles for newbie jewelry designers, including tips on where to buy loose diamonds online.

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sussi March 21, 2016 at 11:27 PM  

jewelry can not be separated from the woman's life anytime soon :)

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