Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Make Your Home Interior Match Perfectly With Its Exquisite Exterior

>> Mar 19, 2016

There are so many unusual, exquisite buildings all over the world, such as Dancing Building in Prague, Kansas City Public Library in Missouri, and Gherkin Building in London, which are true wonders of architecture today. These are unique landmarks and true symbols of our era, but what about their interior? If you think that they are extraordinary only on the outside – think again! These have to be beautiful on the inside, too, because that is the only way of doing it right. If your home is rather unusual, too, you are at the right place. Here are some tips on how to equip and decorate it in the best possible way, so check them out.

Step Your Game Up

Here are some exceptional ideas on how to step your game up and incorporate some of the most fantastic details into your home décor:

Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Murals

Glowing murals will definitely take the atmosphere at your place to the whole new level. An exceptional European artist, Bogi Fabian, has come up with these unusual solutions for the dark rooms, turning them into fantastic, dazzling worlds. Depending on the light in the room, painted walls and floors appear differently, since both energy and non-energy sources fuel them. Even though they look nothing more than regular white walls, these are actually much more than that – turning off the lights will feature exceptional detailing and magnificent illustrations that are definitely worth all the effort.

Hammock Bed

Combining beauty with functionality has always been extremely important part of home décor, especially when it comes to owners who love their place with a touch of modern yet very practical setting. Getting a hammock bed in your living room will definitely add a pinch of adventurous spirit to it, however, its clean lines will make it perfect for your home. You can even take it down if you need extra space, and the chains can be shortened in order to create a sofa that will float above the ground. Kids will love it, that’s for sure!

Urban Office

No matter whether you own an apartment in a glass building, or your office is located in one, you should know that such buildings are open for so many options when it comes to decorating. Besides being rich in natural light that comes through the glass, such spaces offer the most amazing view of the city landmarks around them. People tend to decorate such a place relying on monochromatic look, because it fits perfectly into the whole story. Besides that, it looks very professional, which is exactly why you should choose high-quality office furniture which will keep everything in balance. JP Office Workstations offer so many possible choices which will leave you completely breathless – their urban solutions may be just the right ones for your workspace.

Swing Set Table

An innovative alternative to boring meetings and meal time is finally here, and it has come in the form of the outstanding swing set table! This urban design features eight chairs that are hanging from the metal frame, so that people can sway while they are sitting in them. There is a table in the middle of the structure, which allows having a meal while swinging playfully. This is a great way for everyone to relax and have fun, and not to mention children who will absolutely adore it.

As you can see, extraordinary architectural designs truly need unusual solutions when it comes to decoration and equipping, and that is crucial in order to maintain a balance between the phenomenal exterior and its marvelous interior. Don’t be afraid to come up with some unconventional ideas, because that is the key to success. Be creative and imaginative, and all the hard work will pay off in the end.

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