Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Problems landlords face and how to tackle them before the tenant moves in

>> Mar 10, 2016

If you are planning to become a landlord soon, you would know how managing and owning a property is such a hard work also how stressful it tends to become in no time. All types of problems are likely to happen, taking up a majority of your time, peace of mind, effort and energy, and possibly make you pray that you had never entered the world of being a landlord. And God help you if you have a villa on offer in the market, with size as big as a villa the magnitude of problems and the frequency of it occurring increases too.

So, before you start your journey of worrying, here are some things that every rental villa holder should do to lower the stress and help lower the chances of having problems. They might not take away all your issues, but most probably they will be totally worth the time to do once and continue. But remember to do this all before the tenant moves in.

Before we start, with the life hacks, here is something that you should know. Many of the issues are also locality based. For example, maintaining your house for lease in Chennai would require a lot less efforts than your villa in some developing city, because of the two reasons–the need to maintain the image of being India’s most accommodating city and the availability of manpower and complex repair tools in real time.

Put your villa in good shape

Properties, which are in a clean shape, are usually preserved better by the tenants. Everybody wants to reside in a clean, nice place, in your case, in a place that looks straight out of a magazine. The renters would possibly take a good care of your villa if you have given them a neat house to live in.

Try to do all the work as and when you purchase the villa, while it is still unoccupied — doing upgrades while you have your tenant living inside can be animmense pain for every party. Invest in items like room paints, new flooring, window coverings, appliances, and landscaping. They might be expensive initially, but most probably you will love yourself for doing this investment now so as to avoid the chances of spending more in name of d├ęcor maintenance down the time.

Change the plumbing fittings and valves soon

A water issue is the one problem that is present in every house of India, in every single property, around the nation.These one causes the most harm and one of the biggest time-consuming problems to solve. In case your supply lines, plumbing valves, washer/dryer hoses, faucets, or toilets has not been touched in years, then it is probably a good time to see to it. Always ensure that the main water shut-off valve of your villa is working — and that the tenants have the idea of where that is. 

Again, all these measures can count to be very costly, but as a matter of fact,you are saving yourself from a major investment that might go into solving a drought that was once a leak.

Be attentive in fixing defective items

This goes for both before and after your tenant has moved in. With a property as big as a villa, the numbers of items that can go defective over time are many. So be sure to make a checklist of items that are functioning and those that might need your attention, before the tenant comes in.

For when they move in – in case something breaks, try to solve the issue quickly. Clearly gas, water, or electric issues would require attention sooner and problems like broken appliances would take time to get resolved, but the faster the retort the healthier the landlord-tenant relation. At times it can get hard to answer to the non-emergency issues in a practical manner, however do your best to correct the issue.

These suggestions are not quick or easy, and you might not succeed at implementing them every time. But when you work hard to keep the issues at bay, it would make your tenant’s life much easier while saving a lot of your money for the future.

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