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How to wear an Indian wear Hollywood Style

>> Mar 3, 2016

The 73rd Golden Globes has just been concluded and it was a spectacular event full of all the glitz and glamour that Hollywood personalities are accustomed to. Didn’t you just love all the beautiful gowns worn by the stars? The styles ranged from haute couture to angelic trains, not forgetting ethereal elegance.

The designs were mind blowing too, the ladies went all out and were inventive in choosing their pieces with colors ranging from mono-tones to floral outfits. All our favorite stars were in very characteristic gowns with intricate details such as deep necklines, off-shoulder and halter necklines. Indeed, the fashion theme during the Golden Globes was largely contemporary and edgy.

Hollywood events such as the Golden Globes are quite exciting and breathtaking, making the ladies eyeball when looking out for styles to borrow and tweak in the hope that they can also be part of the fashion glory. But it gets you thinking, maybe Hollywood should do something outrageous for their next big event that will have people buzzing for months. Here is an idea, how about getting out of the norm and venturing into ethic-themed traditional attires, let’s say for the Oscars? That would be something!

One of the fashion trends that can be considered is Indian traditional wear. Bring Bollywood to Hollywood. The good thing about it is that you can buy designer salwar suits regardless of wherever you are and also purchase Indian sarees online. The infusion of Indian traditional wear and Hollywood would be a break out of tradition.

Salwar Suits
If you are a Hollywood star or hoping to become one, you can tap into these tips on how to make your Indian attire a Hollywood spectacle:

·         Shoot a music video in Indian themed costumes
Major Lazer did it. Iggy Azalea too and weren’t their songs big hits? Yes they were. Music videos become hits largely because of the costumes that the artists wear, the backdrop, ambiance and the location, not forgetting the dance moves too. 
So if you want to make your video the next hit on the charts, you should think of creatively conceptualizing an Indian theme and costumes that will make you famous. When Iggy Azalea in the song Bounce was clad in a saree, it accentuated her body and complemented her dance moves.

·         Walk down the aisle in an Indian Wedding Dress
If you are a star soon-to-be-married and looking for an over the top look that will have the paparazzi on wild goose chases for your wedding photos, then why not brand yourself as a modern day Indian bride. Not only is it unique and sophisticated but it gives a lavish and luxurious touch to your wedding making you the talk of social media.

·         Go to the your next Faux Hollywood event in an Indian Evening dress
If you want to break the monotony of the contemporary styles, then an elegant Indian evening gown will work up the magic.

About the Author
Anila Shah - fashion blogger guiding readers on how to buy designer salwar suits and Indian sarees online. Visit Jomso.com today for more details.

4 komentar:

Nancy Chan March 3, 2016 at 6:18 PM  

The Salwar suits is very pretty and looks comfortable to wear.

Mex Fashion October 1, 2016 at 12:55 PM  

The post is excellent. The only thing I felt was lacking is the images. If there would have been more image references it would have been outstanding.

DesignersAndYou December 17, 2016 at 1:34 PM  

Such a nice post and the mainly way of expressing mode is very inspiring..the salwar suits always looking very comfortable..thank you..

Ishiya March 8, 2017 at 3:52 PM  

Its nice Dress but you can wear it only Casual or Daily wear purpose

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