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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Prepare Your Children for an Outdoor Family Photo Shoot in Dubai

>> Mar 17, 2016

When you’re seeking a professional’s guidance on a family photo shoot in Dubai, many of them would tell you exactly what you’ll read in this article. It’s important to follow their instructions, but also to speak up about specific ideas you might have about the photo shoot. After all, it is your family portrait in commemoration of an important event, so don’t be afraid to put in your opinion.

If you want your family photography session to run smoothly, follow these steps to preparing your family for the big day!

Let Kids Know in Advance
Begin talking your kids around a week in advance, in order to allow them to get comfortable with the fact that they’ll be on camera. Speaking with young children is just as important as speaking with teenagers. Young children shouldn’t be surprised by what’s happening, and teenagers need some time to figure out what they want to wear if you’re allowing them to choose. Let them know what you expect when it comes to their behavior, but more importantly, make it sound like it will be a fun and special occasion for the family, because it will be!

Feed Everyone
Every parent knows how important it is to have snacks available for children of all ages, but you should make sure you’re not hungry, either! Having a full stomach will mean a happier photo. You can make a day out of it by taking the family to a nearby Dubai restaurant to enjoy some local cuisine.

Dress for the Weather
That dress you just got might look perfect, but if you’re freezing, it’s going to make the photo shoot that much harder to complete. It’s twice as important for the children to be dressed nicely and also dressed for the weather. Sometimes it will take young children time to get used to some new clothes, so if you purchase special outfits, make sure they wear them at least once before the day of the shoot. This helps them get comfortable and avoids a big fuss the day of the shoot.

In addition, when you’re preparing for a shoot in the hot months of Dubai, you might want to bring along some sunscreen or request special makeup with sunscreen in it to protect you and your family.

Bribery Is Okay
People say you shouldn’t bribe your children to get them to behave, but they’re not the ones who have to handle a screaming child when they’re supposed to be fresh-faced and happy for a family photo shoot. Sometimes a little bribery is okay! Candy and treats might not be the best idea, but plan a special outing after the event to be an enticement for good conduct. Schedule your photo shoot during the late afternoon for the best light, and promise a trip to the movies, the beach, or for pizza afterward.

Don’t Focus on the Final Product
Focus on the entire experience! After all, it’s not very often that families get together anymore. This is especially helpful information for parents. Just embrace life and have some fun with it, because that is what will lead to the perfect photo!

There are so many wonderful places to take family photos in Dubai. Pick out a location and hire a professional to make your family photo a beautiful moment.

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