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Lock The Insects Outdoors with Fly Screen

>> Mar 14, 2016

Hot and humid weather especially during the rainy season is a headache for the dwellers as it invites a lot of flies, mosquitoes and common insects. Usually such seasons are breeding times for many insects, and as their population increases they invade our home and office impairing our smooth harmony of day to day personal and professional lives. Mosquitoes, house flies, bugs and other insects spoil our environment, spread wide range of diseases and perturb our physical and mental peace. These insects bite us, breed on our food and water and infect us with harmful diseases. A best way to keep these harmful insects restricted to outdoors is by using fly screen in windows and other air passages.  
Fly screen door
Different variations of fly screen
Insect screen or fly screen is a mesh like screen that can be easily fitted to air passages, mainly windows. The installation is very easy and they mechanically keep the insects out of home or office premises. Depending on the place of installation and screen type, insect screens vary. A few common variants are as follows:
  • Mesh screen window and door panels,
  • Roller insect screens for doors and bays,   
  • chain type fly screens,
  • Hinged insect screens for doors,
  • VELUX insect screens for windows,
  • Exclusive framed insect screens.
Mostly mesh screens and other roller insect screens are available in market. You can get any reputed fly screen from market and install them yourself on window panes. Most of these come with do it yourself guidelines and are quick and simple to install. Mostly they use magnets or other attachment materials. Installing hinged insect screens on doors, VELUX and specially designed framed fly screens are not that simple. Such installations require professional help and can only be fixed into place by an expert installer. Any DIY (do it yourself) attempt can damage the pane or the screen.

Fly screen also varies depending on the core material. When some screens are made of nylon, polyester, other synthetic fabrics, others are made of metals like aluminium and/or other synthetic fibers. One must remember to close the fly screen at the right time. These screens keep majority of annoying insects out of the building premises.
Fly screen doors
Insect screens are indeed very useful for keeping bugs away but they must be replaced from time to time. Be it in home or office fly screens also undergo wear and tear. Following are few reasons why you need to replace your screens in regular intervals:
  • UV bleaching of screens: Fly screen is always exposed to sun radiation and the harmful rays often discolor it. A discolored screen may spoil the look of your windows and also the interior décor of your home and office. Always replace such discolored screens as they become brittle soon after.
  • Damaged screens:  Pets and birds often damage the insect screens. Mostly they tear the mesh type screens making holes in them. Such torn screens must be immediately replaced as bugs and insects can enter building premises hurriedly through such tiny holes.
  • Changing interior design:  Both home and office need change of interior décor from time to time. As the decor of a room changes it becomes important to replace old fly mesh as they may not match with new design.
Normal mesh type fly screen can be easily replaced by the user while the specially framed ones need professional help. Cleaning the insect screens at regular intervals is also a very good practice to enhance the durability of fly screens.

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