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Hail to the Chef – Former Presidents’ Favorite Foods

>> Mar 29, 2016

Food is one of the best parts of life and everyone, regardless of race or culture, will have their own favorite food. From wedding catering cakes to meat stew, people are bound to have one specific food that they particularly fond of and certainly, former (and current) American Presidents are no exception.
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North America is a large land mass split into cities and states. Each area has their own traditions and specialties and these proud individuals brought with them not to one of those Luxury Homes in Tagaytay but to the White House their respective families’ special meals.

A person’s preference for food may actually say more about their character than one would expect. Politicians, especially Presidents are complex characters. While they are subject to scrutiny due to their massive public presence, insight into their minds is actually a privilege that only a few, if ever, will truly appreciate.
So without further ado, here are a few United States Presidents along with their favorite foods.

George Washington
Known as the first recognized President of the United States, President George Washington was a career soldier as well as a prolific plantation owner. He enjoyed many aristocratic hobbies such as hunting and attending balls but at the end of the day, George Washington was someone who enjoyed simple meals such as mashed potatoes and cherry pies.

George Washington was also fond of muttons which are also known as adult sheep meat. He enjoyed eating them as steaks paired with red wine. The former president strictly adhered to a somewhat simplistic life at home while presenting himself with dignity knowing that his every action was subject to scrutiny and could very well set a precedent in the following years to come.

Thomas Jefferson
The third president of the United States as well as the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson is what some people would refer to as a renaissance man. He is a gifted writer, a respected correspondent, a well-versed conversationalist learned in Latin, Greek, French, Italian and Spanish.

While having the reputation of a “light eater”, Thomas Jefferson developed a taste for the finer things in life. He preferred French Cuisine especially cream-based desserts but as a true-born Virginian man, he never did forget his roots. The founding father was especially fond of figs and Virginian Ham to the degree that while living in France, he would import produces native to Virginia just to satisfy his gourmet palette.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was born and raised in a simple household. He was a simple man with simple hobbies and interests and this is reflected in the fact that his favorite snacks from childhood to presidency were his mother’s gingerbread cookies. He especially valued his treats because he was known to be doted upon by his mother and enjoyment of these cookies became a sentimental act rather than a gourmet one in his later life.

Theodore Roosevelt
Another career military man, Theodore Roosevelt is a man of many talents. He was a politician, author, naturalist, explorer and soldier. Generally portrayed as an adventurous and brave man, Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite meal is fried chicken. He especially liked showering his favorite meal with white gravy sauce.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt’s cousin, Franklin was an American statesman and political leader. He attained his law degree from Columbia Law School. During his third term of office, the eruption of World War II plunged the world into darkness and one of the few things that lifted him up when he needed it most was his favorite meal, Hotdogs. He was a true American man and he enjoyed what people consider American meals, such as hotdogs and donuts.

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama, the incumbent President of the United States is a well-known family man outside the world of politics. He deeply values his family and this is demonstrated in his prideful love of the “Obama Family’s Famous Chili Recipe” that he proudly proclaims can “clear [your] sinuses” if prepared correctly.

It is true that these politicians handle pressure beyond the scope of what normal people can even imagine but at the end of the day, these past and present presidents are people too and this is shown in their love of food.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
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