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Lay Flat Hose -A Garden Lover’s Tool For An Evergreen Lawn

>> Mar 17, 2016

Hoses are an essential part of maintenance of a garden or big farm. They are needed to irrigate the required field. There are many types of hoses but for the best results it is better to use lay flat hose. There are various advantages of using such as:
  • They require less storage space as compared to other hoses as they can be flattened and wrapped around the hose reel.
  • They can be used in any weather due to the reinforcement that is given o these pipes from outside.
  • When they are not being used they become almost inconspicuous because they just lie flat on the ground without coming into the view.
  • Even if a vehicle passes over the lay flat hose it will not burst as they are flat and show no resistance to the pressure exerted by the tyres of the vehicle.

These hoses also come in various materials such as

  • PVC
  • TPU
  • Nitrile rubber

All the hoses of this kind are reinforced by using the method of extrusion. This extrusion method of weaving forms a bond that is very strong. This bond is formed between the inner reinforcement and the TPU or rubber cover. There are also available textile hoses that are uncovered and you can see the weave layer of the hose.
The covers of different materials have different abrasion resistance as compared to each other. Nitrile rubber has abrasion resistance that is three times the abrasion of PVC whereas Thermoplastic Polyurethane has abrasion resistance that is better than even nitrile rubber and that too by around four to five times. Lay flat hoses are having multiple uses. By way of they are easy and less time consuming as well as cost-effective well.

In general, there are two broad categories of the hoses

  •  The first type is the one with reinforcement that is braided. The braided reinforcements are also known as spun reinforcements. These hoses are as strong as the thickness of the wall of the hose. In such hoses the tensile strength is limited and you can only pull these hoses to a limit beyond which the braiding will embed itself into the hose and delimitation of the hose occurs.
  •  The second type of the lay flat hose is the hose with woven reinforcement. The reinforcement is similar in its weaving to the hoisting sling that is woven in a circular fashion. This weaving is the reason behind the hose being able to withstand large pressures that are bursting in nature as well as high tensile strength helps it withstand greater pulling forces too. The braided reinforcement thickness that will be required to withstand the same pressure that can be done with woven one is almost five times.

Uses of lay flat hoses

  • These hoses can be used to irrigate fields and landscapes that need spot irrigation.
  • These hoses can be used in the industrial or commercial construction sites to keep the cement from drying.
  • These hoses can be used with the fire engines to extinguish any kind of fire.

The lay flat hoses are extremely user friendly and these are durable stuff that will be at great addition to the farms and landscapes that need regular watering but are away from the source of water. The people who love to do gardening or landscaping will find lay flat hoses very beneficial for them. If you have a hose reel, then it becomes all the easier as well as tidy to store these hoses which may otherwise just lie here and there making the place look cluttered and untidy. Using a hose pipe will ensure that your garden is green at all times of the year.

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Nancy Chan March 17, 2016 at 9:52 PM  

This big hose are great for big lawn and garden.

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