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6 Key Facts About Electricians You Must Know

>> Mar 6, 2018

Electricity is of immense importance. But most times, it's taken for granted. The roles of electricians are seen whenever there's an electrical fault, or when we want to make a few changes to the home.
Like in other places across the globe, electricians Wellington Point are an integral part of the community. But unlike other professions, there are few things we're yet to know about electricians.

Here are 6 facts about electricians you must know.

1. Electricians at the Masters level train as long as doctors.

In the electrical field, there is zero tolerance for error. Electricity has a direct impact on the economy and training to become a Master Electrician requires long hours of classroom teaching and regular field training for several years.

Normally, this takes a minimum of eight years. When an internship program is completed, they'll be licensed. But for a licensed electrician to apply to be a Masters Electrician, a compulsory 3-year fieldwork is required. And a thorough validation of the credentials is usually done during this period.

Just like physicians who undergo a general medical training before specialization, electricians are trained to be able to diagnose several electrical problems.
Doctors are trained to correct health ailment while electricians are trained to be able to reverse several electrical conditions created by the customer. And this correctional procedure is done in such a way that it meets the safety code.
For a flawless service operation, electricians are trained extensively to meet these criteria.

2. Electricians Have an Area of Specialty.

There are four major areas of specialty in the electrical field. These include:

  • Commercial: Commercial electricians usually practice in commercial buildings like school, restaurants, and building. These buildings make use of heavy machinery and security system.
  • Residential: The electrical needs of residential buildings are handled by a residential electrician. Home repairs, circuit maintenance, and several other electrical needs at home are taken care of.
  •  Industrial: The industrial complexities are properly handled by industrial electricians. These electricians are required for the proper maintenance and control of electricity needed in manufacturing factories, production plants, and other industrial buildings.
  • Outside Lineman: Unlike commercial, residential, and industrial electricians who focus on in-building maintenance, the outside lineman specializes in bringing the electricity into the building. They're usually in transformers and substations. Electricity is brought into the building by the outside lineman.

Sometimes, electricians can work in more than one area of specialty.

3. Colour Vision Is A Must.

Electricians are required to pass a colour test. In the long run, this test is essential as most electricians are required to work with a variety of coloured wires. The ability to differentiate between several coloured wires is vital to the success of huge electrical projects. People without colour vision tend to make fatal mistakes which will, in turn, lead to diverse life-threatening disasters.

4. More Career Opportunities.

With an increasing dependence on electricity, more career opportunities will be available for electricians. There has been a rapid growth in the use of digital technology and these technological innovations largely depend on electricity.
Electrical job opportunities include diagnosis, identification, and evaluation of electrical problems and defects. Aside from the identification of electrical faults, an electrician has to be able to read the technical blueprints and schematics of the building.

The job potentials of electricians are literally limitless as it cut across all sectors of the economy.

5. A wide range of skills is required.

Unlike some professions where a specific skill set is required, an electrician needs to be proficient in several skills like:

  • Examination and interpretation of blueprints: Large industrial buildings normally have a complex structural blueprint, and electricians have to able to examine and interpret these blueprints in an efficient way. Proper electrical wiring is always needed in every organization. And these structures have to be designed in such a way that it's made safe, conductive, and consumer friendly.
  • Project planning: Proper planning is needed for every project, and this is mainly done by the electrician. A master electrician has to be able to plan in an efficient way.
  • Project execution: Electrical projects always involve fieldwork. Projects have to be executed in a flawless way. Poor project execution usually results in electrical disasters like electrocution, damages, and the inability to operate basic industrial machines.
  •  Ability to think logically: logical think is required for good judgment.
  • Eye-hand Coordination. Excellent visual and bodily function is vital for any electrical project.
  • Diplomacy and customer service: Relating to customers in a friendly manner is of great importance.

Other skill sets include stress management techniques, ability to work in various (unpleasant) conditions, and being flexible (or adaptable) to various physical conditions.

6. Electricians function as safety professionals.

Aside from the usual electrical works and project management practices, electricians can also work as safety professionals. Electrical hazards are always fatal and this requires professionals who have a broad knowledge of the various electrical management principles. Electricians are needed in various places and in several buildings, making them part of the safety team as they help curb the effects of electrical hazards. 

The world is dependent on electricity. And without electricity, major economic and industrial work will come to a standstill.

As the need for electricity grows, the importance of electrician increases. 

Top notch training, several specialties, and various skill sets are some of the sublime facts that you should know about electricians.

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Pauline March 18, 2018 at 11:06 AM  

The job of an electrician is not easy..it takes hard work and expertise on these kind of field, it can also be dangerous...

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