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How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Solar Panels

>> Mar 9, 2018

Global warming that affects the lives of many people worldwide encouraging a global trend of renewable energy expansion. Some countries are turning to renewable energy sources such as geothermal heat, wind and solar power to decrease their carbon footprint and expectantly limit the global warming effects. As home owners, you can also follow this trend by investing in renewable energy to power your home.

Smart and frugal home owners not only care for saving the Earth but also always search for ways to save money in the long term. In this case, using renewable energy for your home means having your own independent power plant which can both reduce monthly bills and protect the environment since this cost-effective and abundant energy releases no pollutants into the air, water and ground. As a matter of fact, it could be the best way to cut your electricity expenses!

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Among other home renewable power systems, rooftop solar panel is possibly the most common and chosen method.  Solar power system does not making sound at all, does not have moving elements, does not need costly maintenance and does not require more space like wind turbines. One big weak point of solar energy is that only functions during the day when the sun is up.

According to forbes.com, the demand growth of rooftop solar panels in the U.S. market during 2013-2015 showed an average year-over-year of 63%. After this very booming growth, the U.S. residential solar market in the past two years appeared to slow down a bit due to the most likely reason of the lower electricity rates. The future market might still be bright for some supporting causes such as declining solar panel prices and the whole system cost along with the more affordable and efficient behind the meter storage.

Do you live in Connecticut? Don’t hesitate for going solar as the prices have fallen 55% in the last five years. After this state launched the Connecticut Property Assessed Clean Energy program, the state becomes one of the fastest growing of the smaller states in the solar industry (source:www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/connecticut-solar). There are more than 60 solar power installers in the state; you should choose the best solar company to make sure that you will get the most out of your solar panels. Dealing with the experienced and expert installers allows you to take optimal benefits from your investment for a long period of time-financially, aesthetically and environmentally.

You should know your home power needs in daily usage. It is important to take note of how much electricity that used by your home appliances and devices. Good solar company will assist you in choosing the right type of highly efficient solar panels that suit your home electricity consumption and the roof space. The reliable installers will use only the best quality components to protect your investment from possible damages and dangers that caused by severe weather and electrical fires.

Calculate how much electricity your solar power generates and install the device that informs how much electricity produced at the exact moment. It helps you to know what electronics can be used at the same time and maintain the electricity usage within the available power. Unplug electronics that not being used and choose more energy efficient appliances would be useful.  

The improving battery technology makes it more efficient in storing excess electricity that can be used when you need more electricity at night. If the solar system connected to the grid, you can benefit from a net metering system. One more thing, investing in high quality solar panels will increase the value of a property. When selling the house one day, you will get the higher market price.

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