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How Convenient Is Valet Parking for Customers?

>> Mar 26, 2018

When you visit a world-class hotel, one of the services you expect is valet parking. A valet is a member of staff, usually a young male, who greets guests at the entrance and takes their vehicles for parking. Most hotels offer this service to their customers.

This is a great service as it saves you the anxiety of finding parking for your vehicle, then hauling your bags out and lugging them to the reception to get your room.
How does valet service work?

  • When you drive up to the hotel or restaurant, a person meets you at the entrance.
  • They take your car from you to park and give you a receipt to reclaim it later.
  • You are expected to pay for this service and tip your valet.
  • Once you are ready to leave, the valet takes your receipt and brings your car.

A valet may either be an employee of the hotel or restaurant or an employee of an independent valet service. A valet service offers their services to an establishment for a fee. A site like CVPS-industry leaders in valet parking and related sites can give you so much more information.

A client who uses the service pays a flat amount and also tips their valet either when they take their vehicle for parking or when the vehicle is returned. However, some establishments offer the service to their customers for free. 

A fee can also be based on how long the vehicle is parked.

Is a valet service useful?

It may not be very necessary for small towns where parking is readily available. A customer can find parking as close to the establishment as they like. However, in urban areas where parking is scarce, the service is a relief to many. You would certainly love it if someone could take the headache of finding parking space off you.

Some businesses offer valet services for those who would prefer it even when self-parking is available. These are mostly high-end establishments.

Pros of valet parking

1.   Convenience
Customers are relieved from the hustles of hunting for parking space. They are also saved from walking long distances from the parking to the establishment if their vehicle is parked quite a distance away.

2.   Caters for the differently abled
Drivers who cannot walk to and from the parking lot because they are challenged benefit greatly from valet parking.

3.   Saves time
Some customers may not have the time to search for parking for various reasons. For instance, they may have come to the establishment for a meeting and they could be running late.

4.   Bad weather
It would be very uncomfortable running from your car in a heavy downpour to get to the hotel or restaurant. A valet can take the car from you andfind parking for it while you get into the warm and dry establishment.

5.   Stack parking
Valets are experienced enough that they can park many cars in a limited space and can move cars out of the way to create more parking space.

A valet service or valet parking is convenient for many reasons, the most important of which is the convenience it gives you as a customer. Therefore, you can look up CVPS-industry leaders in valet parking and other sites to learn more about valet services.

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