Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Choose Tumbling Air Track for Family Friendly Inflatable Mats

>> Mar 12, 2018

It is a fact that the advanced technology affects the way of how children play these days. There are many children who prefer to spend hours daily with their gadgets. Of course it is not a healthy habit as children should do different activities for their better growth and development. Fortunately, most children enjoy playing with inflatable items such as tumbling air track; it could be a good way to draw your loved ones to leave the gadget and move more often!

Best deal blue red white color tumble track air track (size 4x2x0.2m)


What is the air track anyway?

In general words, it is a kind of multi-use inflatable product which might unite the advantages of a bouncy castle, spring floor, trampoline and landing mat in one track. You can find this air mat in various sizes and the hardness can be adjusted according to the purposes and needs.

Reasons to use the air track for your family

If you plan to take your baby or toddler to play outside frequently; it is important to make sure that they are protected from getting injured while falling over or slipping on the ground. To reduce the accidents, you can provide inflatable tumble track in proper size to create a safe, durable and soft landing for the playground that will minimize the effects of falling down effectively. No need to be worried anymore about your loved ones being exposed to the danger of hard surfaces, but still you have to watch them.

Commercial red white color blow up tumbling mat (size 6x2x0.2m)


Do your older kids enjoy the gymnastics class at school? Do they think learning to tumble, flip and summersault is exciting and entertaining? If you notice their interests in gymnastics, don’t be doubtful to have your own airtrack mini at home. Suits the name, this type or airtrack has mini appearance (size 3x0.9x0.1m); it is suitable for home use. Your active and energetic kids surely love it as they can train gymnastic skills whenever they want. You are pleased as they do it in safe way.

This inflatable product are multipurpose and for all ages. Not only great equipment for supporting you and family doing any kind of sport activity comfortably and securely, you can also take it during your vacation. Its waterproof and sturdy features allow you to use it on the ground and water. I’m sure that your holiday will be much more fun.  Imagine that you and family lie on it and enjoy the fresh air at seaside or other wonderful places.  

Well, are you ready now to find and get your own air mat? Go online, start your search for the right product on reliable professional manufactures and sellers such as AirTrackZone for their guaranteed high quality products (2-year warranty) that offered at reasonable prices and great services including scheduled delivery time and free shipping to some regions of the world.

Check out first some inflatable air mats above that manufactured by AirTrackZone. Made out from perfect materials, the items have excellent features such as good air tightness, multi-use, adjustable, waterproof, airproof, odorless, anti-tension and hard-wearing along with easy to install and maintain. It is the right purchase and investment for your family, right?

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