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Can Men Safely Take Biotin for Faster Hair Growth?

>> Mar 21, 2018

With many health conscious men looking for safe, natural and reliable methods for solutions to different medical problems it is more important than ever to highlight the power of vitamins. Many vitamins can be used in the application of medicine to promote natural healing and recovery. Here we will look at the safety of biotin and its application in the effective recovery of hair loss and how it can aide faster hair growth.

What is biotin?

First we address what biotin actually is. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin B and can also be referred to as ‘Vitamin B7”, some of you may also know biotin as ‘Vitamin H’. Forming a coenzyme for carboxylase, biotin is a key part of synthesis within isoleucine, valine, fatty acids and gluconeogenesis that supports amino acid catabolism. So what does this mean to those of us who are not geneticists or biologists? Quite simply put, biotin supports the growth of cells in a positive way through giving them energy. This support of cell growth has many benefits, such as strengthening nails, helping with depression, liver function and men can use biotin for thinning hair.

How common is male hair loss?

With many men facing the problem of hair loss it is estimated that some 85% of men across the globe will face thinning hair by the age 50. Furthermore, some 25% of men across the globe will have thinning hair by the young, tender age of 21. Many men find this an extremely difficult and embarrassing time in their lives and wish to do something to promote hair growth.

What causes hair loss?

So, what should these men do? Well, firstly, they should see medical advice and establish the root cause of their thinning hair. Not all hair loss or hair thinning is caused by a biotin deficiency. Some hair loss or hair thinning will almost certainly have other medical causes to address and these causes need to be treated first and foremost. However, regardless of the diagnosis and the treatment for any other medical condition there is clear evidence of the link between the benefits of biotin and hair growth through the increased metabolism of cells.

Biotin deficiency

Many may not have heard of this vitamin and they certainly may not realize that it is unknowingly consumed on a daily basis. Biotin occurs naturally in a variety of different foods, it’s intake is balanced within the body through intestinal bacteria that breaks down the vitamin. Although, anyone found with a pure biotin deficiency should have the issue addressed through a medical professional with biotin supplements.

Typically those of us with no deficiency will absorb biotin through foods such as eggs, beef liver, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, sweet potato or cauliflower. Although, biotin supplements can be taken if a person does not particularly like the foods that supply the essential vitamin. If you are an egg fan though be warned, excessive consumption of eggs can induce a biotin deficiency due to the presence of avidin in eggs whites. Avidin, an antnutrient, binds and sequesters the biotin which prevents absorption.

Recommend biotin intake and studies

Recommended adequate daily intake of biotin is set between around 30μg and 40μg across the globe. Various agencies such as the American Institute of Medicine, the US Library of Medicine and the European Food Safety Agency have conducted in depth studies on biotin intake levels which has conclusively shown that there are no adverse effects on the human body even when one greatly surpasses the upper level of biotin intake. In fact, in the USA there is no guidance on too much biotin!

Further studies of biotin demonstrated the positive effect that the vitamin has on the regeneration of brittle nails. The cell growth mechanism found in nail regeneration is the same metabolic activity that promotes faster hair growth in men.

So, whatever one may find as the cause of thinning hair or baldness, any man wishing to safely encourage faster hair growth should ensure a combined biotin supplement and biotin food intake is consumed on a daily basis. Not only is biotin proven to be perfectly safe through an array of medical studies, it can be taken in a variety of different ways to suit your individual circumstances and needs. The intake of biotin for hair growth will ensure the days of looking in the mirror and dreading what you will see are long gone.

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