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How to Choose Best Scales to Use for Your Operations

>> Mar 17, 2018

Authorities across the country have strong laws that govern permitted weights of loads passing through public roads. You stand to incur losses in time and money when you send out trucks that go above the set limit. The best way to ensure that your trucks carry permitted loads is by ensuring they are accurately measured before sending them off the premises.

Truck scales provide the best way for you to measure the loads of the trucks. These scales work on the concept of a weighbridge where the trucks ride over for the measuring to register. With so many different types and applications, you need to make careful choice on the scales to get for your operations. Various factors will determine your choice.
Consider how you use scales

The effectiveness of the scales will be dependent on your operations. Not all scales will be perfect for your type of business and your use of scales. There is a wide variety of scales to choose from. Some scales allow for measuring while loading. Others will take measurement while the truck is in motion. The type you get will hinge on your application, available space and the operations you carry out in your premises.

Challenges faced by your current weighing method

The scales you currently use may have various shortcomings. The scales you get should therefore provide a solution to these shortcomings. If your issue is space, you will find scales that suit small spaces and will work well for your operations. If you want to save time, then you can use weigh-in-motion scales that let you weigh as your trucks drive through without stopping. Portable scales are ideal for creating temporary weighing stations. This can be during times when you have increased traffic.


If you have to process many trucks in a day, you want a scale that can handle this. You can use a scale that can accommodate more than one lane. When you have a lot of trucks, you need to be sure you have adequate space for easy maneuvering as well as flow of movement. To save time, you can measure while you load. This way, you will know when to stop loading. You can also use the option of loading then weigh later. However, you may have to unload some cargo if the permitted weight has been exceeded. This can cause you to waste valuable time and suffer interrupted processes.

Satisfactory after-sale service

Consider the scales manufacturer as this will determine the experience you have. The manufacturing company should have able technicians that will address any issues that you may have. Such will carry out maintenance of the scales in terms of calibration, testing and certification. You should remain on the right side of the law this way. You will have an assurance that the weight the scales give are accurate. If the weight registering on your scales is above the set limit, you will risk facing hefty fines and delays. If the weight registering is lower than expected, you will incur losses as you would be paying transportation costs for a load that is not complete.

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