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Why do retirees move to Florida?

>> Mar 14, 2018

So you are retiring soon and planning to move to a more peaceful place for the rest of your life? Or you are far from that moment in life, but already thinking about the step after that? As you probably know, Florida is a very popular destination among retired people. Lot of them decide to move to Florida for various reasons. South Florida moving is something that is in great expansion lately. Well, not just lately.

Beaches are probably one of the main reasons retirees move to Florida

Retirees have started moving to Florida long time ago. Although in the past two decades there have been some other destinations, such as Carolina or Oregon, Florida has stayed the number one. If you are about to retire and want to change something in your life, think no more. Hire long distance movers in Florida and go. Your grand kids will thank you, trust us. And they will come to visit you more often. But, what is so attractive in Florida? Why do retirees rush to move to Florida?

Reasons to move to Florida

1. Weather – the main reason to move to Florida
As we all know, Florida has a lot of sunny days during the year. That is obviously one of the main reasons to move to Florida. There is no winter, no snow, no cold days. The lowest temperatures are about 40 °F in January. And the highest temperatures can go up to 92 °F in July and August. That is the perfect weather for enjoying the sun and not doing anything. And that's what retirement is all about, right?

2. Taxes
There are practically no taxes on Florida. If you move to Sunny state, you will not have to pay income tax, inheritance tax or estate tax. Also, property taxes are pretty low. So, if that's not reason good enough to relocate to Florida, then what is?

3. Costs of living
Life in Florida costs a lot less than in many other states. No matter how high is your income, some additional savings could be good. If you have enough money to live decently anywhere in the States, then those lower costs can help you save some amount to pay your holiday, or help your family, or may be help the charities. And, if you are among those who do not have even the average income, living in Florida can make it possible for you to live a normal life. You can have a nice home, visit your family every once in a while. Thus, to enjoy your retirement days

4. Water
If you are a fan of water, i.e. oceans, rivers, seas, then you will love it in Florida. They have the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Gulf of Mexico on the west. As well as loads of lakes all around the state. You can spend your days on the endless beach, lying in the sun, having a good time. And when your grand kids come to visit you, they will be delighted to splash around in the ocean.

5. Active lifestyle
Whether you are a fan of sports activities, or just a simple walk along the coast, Florida can offer you its best. There are many golf courts, biking and running paths, canals, pools. You can feel free to use any of those to make your life active. You can play golf, do some water sports, run, ride a bike, walk, or simply sit on the coast and do some fishing. It is all up to you, just choose the activity for your self.

6. Vacation

Various activities attract many people

If you want to bring some excitement in your life, or become a kid again, you can go to a world-famous DisneyWorld! Besides that, there are also some other theme parks in Orlando. As well as the Amway Arena, if you decide to be adult again. Or TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, for the football fans. Not to mention beautiful beaches in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and the natural wonders of the Florida Everglades.

7. Active Adult Communities
If you have organized the life of your family and your household for so long, then you will appreciate a well-run community. In Florida you can find any type of those communities. And for various prices too, so that any one can afford them. They also have all the services you might need in that period of your life. The largest adult community in the United States is in Florida, near Ocala.It is called TheVillages.

8. Air travel
If you want to visit your family or friends, or just go for a vacation in some other state or country, you can easily do that by air. Florida has 13 international airports. Most of them have every day flights to some of the most attractive locations. There are also many domestic airports, in case you want to spend your holidays in one of th estates.

9. Health care
With all those retirees moving to Florida, they had to develop better health care system. Therefore, you can find the appropriate medical support in every part of the state. Famous hospital brands, such as Clevel and Clinic and Mayo Clinic have opened their hospitals in Florida. So, if you decide to move to Florida, you don' have to worry that you will not have someone to take care of you.

10. Arts
If you are an art fan, Florida can be the right place for you. You can find a lot of museums, theaters and operas in big cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Clearwater and Fort Myers.

You can peacefully enjoy your new life in Florida

What are the best places for your move to Florida
1.   Sarasota – the cultural capital of  Florida, after Miami. It has miles of beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Definitely the reason for considering to move to Florida.
2.   Venice - as the name says, it has a lot of canals and rivers running through it. That makes it almost as beautiful as the "original" Venice.
3.   Gaines ville – the home of the University of Florida. People who are older than 60 can enroll various courses in the University free of charge. And there are also many museums and galleries.
4.   Naples – the gold coast of south west Florida. It got a top grade from the American Lung Association for air quality.
5.   St. Petersburg – main retirement and tourist destination for a long time. It offers beautiful views, as well as attractions for the art lovers. The most famous is, of course, the Salvadore Dali museum.

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