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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fixture Perfect for Trendy Farmhouse Décor Theme

>> Mar 2, 2018

Rustic farmhouse design is one of the hottest trends sweeping the country in interior design. It’s also popular in exterior design too, and many of front porches and covered decks give the home a warm inviting feeling before ever entering inside.

To complete this style décor with a finishing touch that also ads comfort to the environment, a nice quality rustic ceiling fan is must for the space. Not only does this help go give the area an old fashioned cozy presence, which is much of the charm of the design trend, but it also keeps the room more comfortable by gently circulating the air and by giving off a fresh breeze.

Ceiling Fans Best Suited to Complete the Look

You wouldn’t want a futuristic, flashy chrome finished contemporary ceiling fan for an area such as this, but rather a something more with a weathered finish that looks as if it’s been there for ages, and stood the test of time. Yet, with all of the advancements in energy efficiency in ceiling fans today, and new high-tech control systems, you don’t want too old fashioned of a ceiling fan either.

To go really rustic, try antler ceiling fans. By antler ceiling fans I mean models with an included light fixture accented with antler pieces. Do a google search for “rustic twin star” and you’ll find a large double motor model with a very nice antler chandelier style light in between the dual fan design. If you like this idea, but don’t have the space for such a large ceiling fan, try a oil rubbed bronze fan with distressed walnut blades, and add a simple marble bowl style light fixture, accented by an antler bottom finial.

In many new homes decorated in the farmhouse style people are blending modern with old fashioned. As long as the color scheme is done correctly, this creates a very interesting finished room, and it looks awesome. For average sized rooms, fans like the Gulf-Coast DC-3 in the oil rubbed bronze will complete this look perfectly. For very large rooms, especially rooms with high ceilings, a modern industrial styled ceiling fan, such as the 84” Tropos Air Titan will do the trick, both in styling and function.
Many times in farmhouse décor it is as simple as adding a light with exposed Antique LED Edison light bulbs. Wire cages can be ordered to place onto the sockets. Simply by screwing the light bulbs in they will hold the cages into place. This creates a hand made feel to the fixture and is perfect for accenting in this trendy favorite of interior designers.


These Not Only Look Good, They Feel Good

Once you’ve completed your design project and have time to sit back and relax, enjoying the eye candy the fruits of your labor has just created, you’ll soon notice that the beautiful ceiling fan you just added not only completed the look, but you’re going to notice a difference right away in the comfort of the room temperature.

Next, once you receive your first full months electric bill, you’re going to notice a nice savings because of the new farmhouse air stirrer you have installed. If you purchased one that uses a DC motor, instead of the standard AC motor most commonly used in ceiling fans, you may find yourself saving enough each month to take yourself out to a nice gourmet dinner with the extra money in your pocket. However, considering how awesome your new living space is, you may want to simply buy the ingredients and cook at home, because your atmosphere will now be nicer than most anywhere you can pay to dine at.

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