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5 Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Requires Repair or Maintenance Services

>> Mar 27, 2018

Most air conditioner repairs are quite simple when handled in good time. However, most homeowners usually avoid calling a repair technician because they fear expensive bills. New AC units that experience any issues may be covered by a warranty. It is important for homeowners to fix the problem quickly because any delays will result in a bigger problem that might be expensive to repair. Here are five signs that your AC unit requires repair services.
Expelling humid air

An air conditioner that is in its best condition will expel cool and dry air. In addition, the filters of your AC unit are designed to dehumidify the air and absorb moisture. However, if your unit expels warm air and leaves your atmosphere more sticky and humid, then it has a problem. This problem maybe caused by the AC filters having blocked vents or issues outside the unit. Hire an AC repair service and have your unit fixed to prevent a hot and humid atmosphere in your home.

Interrupted air flow

If the air conditioner does not expel air like it used to and spurts out air instead of smoothly fanning it out, then it may have problems with the compressor or ducts. If you do not do regular maintenance on your AC system, then you may never know the condition of your compressor. The main cause of an interrupted air flow in most air conditioning units is the compressor.

Strange odors

Foul or pungent smells from your AC unit vents usually indicates that the wire insulation may have burned out. Musty smells are an indication that there is mold growing inside the AC unit or the ductwork. Make sure that you consult an AC Repair McKinney Texas company to have these issues sorted out as soon as possible.

Leaking indoor unit

It is normal for water to drip from your AC near the outdoor unit. Air conditioning systems have an apparatus that expels condensed water into a bucket that is close to the outdoor unit. However, any leakage from the indoor unit is abnormal and may signify problems with your unit. If you notice water flowing out of your unit and collecting on the floor, then you should call your AC repair company.

Strange sounds

Grinding, squealing and grating sounds from the air conditioner may be a sign of problems in the unit. Failure to service your air conditioning system can cause expensive breakdowns. Be sure to have the unit checked by a professional as soon as possible. A grinding sound may be an indication that the motor bearings are broken, while squealing noise can be caused by the belt slipping out of position or indicate that the metal components of your air conditioner require more lubrication.

In order to avoid any of these issues on your air conditioning unit, it is best to regularly repair and maintain it. An air conditioner is an expensive appliance that should be cared for well to prolong its lifespan and reduce the need for any costly repairs. If your unit does not require replacement, having it repaired on time will help to boost its efficiency and will save you cash in the long run.

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