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WW Freestyle: The Revamped Weight Watchers Plan

>> Mar 8, 2018

Weight Watchers promises that you can eat any food you want but still be able to lead a healthy life. This approach to weight loss has made the program popular among many people including celebrities, and the new weight loss plan, dubbed WW Freestyle, comes with even more flexibility. The same primary principle of eating what you want is untouched, and the members love it.
How is it different?

This new program encourages members to make smart lifestyle and eating decisions that will help them lead the healthiest lives possible. Among the things that make WW Freestyle different from the preceding plans include:

  • Flexibility in the sense that you can save your SmartPoints and use them later
  • There is a whole list of more than 200 zero points food; those are foods that don't hurt your daily points, meaning that you can eat them without worrying about portions.
  • It is easy to follow the program online or get one-on-one support on demand
  • Comes at affordable rates from $3 a week. There is something for everyone.

The SmartPoints system

Just like it was the case before, the WW Freestyle plan comes with the SmartPoints system, with the only difference being the zero points food. Remember that this program is both a diet and a lifestyle change program which makes it effective since you learn how to lose weight for good and maintain your physically fit body with minimal effort.

The SmartPoint value of foods is a reflection of their nutritional value, and while you are allowed to eat any food, you shouldn't buy prepackaged meals. These points are assigned in such a way that foods that will only fill you up, even if they are nutritious, will have fewer points than junk food with zero calories.

The idea behind this system is to factor in fat, protein, and sugar when calculating points in order to encourage consumption of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits and discourage intake of saturated fats and sugar. What's more, you'll have a target of points basing on your body and set goals, and if you hit your daily target, you get points which you can use on alcohol or dessert, or save them for later use.

Shopping and cooking

Under the new plan, members will learn how to shop and cook healthy meals as well as eat out in a manner that supports the main agenda of weight loss and healthy living. You will not have to give up on your favorite foods or eat unusual foods.

In-person meetings

The WW Flexible plan allows you to keep tabs on your progress online including exercises, food choices and recipes. There is also an optional coaching consultation that can be done by phone, text, or mail. Also, you can choose to attend group meetings which have shown to have a high rate of success.

Besides these options, you can also get support using the Weight Watchers application, the WW Connect community, and a magazine with tips, success stories, recipes and more.

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