Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Essential Tricks on How to Grow Trees in Your Backyard

>> Mar 24, 2018

Nature is beautiful and trees seem to crown this beauty!  Look around and see that trees are the beauty of any nature park. Growing some in your backyard will not only bring the feeling you want but will also create a great atmosphere for your home. It’s quite easy to grow trees but care is required to make them look attractive and create a scenery of your own taste. 
Getting trees to fit your desired yard can be quite a task but it’s worth it.  You can choose from the millions of tree species that exist according to your soil type and liking.  Most trees do well anywhere but it is always important to check with a professional what tree is best for your area. 

Before growing any tree, it is important to prepare the grounds by removing stones, rocks or buildings that may be on the specific location. It is also critical to get the necessary advice on where exactly you want to plant the trees to avoid growing them too close to buildings, roads, rivers, etc. Instead of allowing old stumps to re-grow, it is wise to remove them and plant new trees so that you are sure they are firmly rooted in the soil.

Finally, after your ground is ready and you want to plant, ensure you get your soil test done to determine if it can hold those roots firmly without giving way. Many people tend to ignore this important step only to regret later when the soil gives way.     

The three important tricks to consider when undertaking tree service are:
·         Identify each tree before growing it – Each tree is unique, just like humans. They grow in different shapes and sizes and at different time. It is important to identify each tree before growing it. Research information may include, how big it grows, how firm its branches and roots are, how long it can last in your yard.  This guide on deciduous trees can also be helpful. In case, you already bought a home that has trees growing in it, take time to identify each tree and its benefits.
·         Think long-term – For every tree you choose, think 10-20 years later. Trees are long term in the fact that they tend to grow slowly for a long period of time. Don’t be carried away by the desire to have hundreds of trees crouched in your small backyard. Only plant those that your backyard can comfortably take.    
·         Give them a good spacing – Don’t fall into the bad habit of spacing trees wrongly; they won’t thrive! Different species require different spaces. Be willing to submit to the requirements no matter how many trees you want in your yard. Remember, it’s not the number of trees but the care you give them that will make your nature park a haven. The good spacing allows proper root formation, making the tree stand firm on its roots.  

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