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The Rationale Behind Detox Foot Patches

>> Mar 12, 2018

Detox foot pads are an Asian innovation. The foot pads are formulated from gemstones, herbs, and bamboo extracts. The organic detoxification patches are designed to facilitate the removal of body toxins through stimulation of reflexology areas. They are applied on both feet before going to bed and are claimed to enhance detoxification throughout the night. The outcome is visible after the user wakes up.
The environment today is more polluted than it ever has been. The foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe are filled with toxins. Toxin accumulation derails your well-being and general health. It has become increasingly necessary to avoid toxic substances and to get rid of them from the body for a healthier, longer life. The big question is whether foot patches help in any way.

Some of the primary reasons makers of detox foot pads recommend them include:

Body detoxification: The foot pads are manufactured from natural herbs, gemstones such as amethyst and tourmaline, and cleansing minerals. Manufacturers claim the foot patches will enhance the natural detoxification processes of your body.

Enhance body comfort: The valuable organic ingredients such as bamboo vinegar aid in the stimulation of body reflexology zones and circulation. The outcome is body comfort.

A good night’s rest: Foot patches work perfectly while you’re asleep. This promotes quality rest and a night of excellent sleep. The user wakes up full of energy.

Support of mental health: The fact that foot pads invigorate acupuncture and reflexology points helps in soothing the general mood of the user. The mind gets relaxed.

No secondary effects and are easily used: The pads are easily attachable and remain in position without imposing sticky residues. Foot patches are also said to have no unexpected results.

Manufacturers’ perspective
From the perspective of foot pad manufacturers, the product is made of organic and natural substances that aid in the removal of toxins from your body, boost body immunity, enhance your energy and vitality, facilitate healthy circulation, promote mental health, and are effective, safe, and easily applied.

Health scientists’ perspective
There is little to no scientific evidence indicating that food pads work. According to the Mayo Clinic, on consumer health, there is no scientific research with published work showing that these foot patches work as they are said to. The commission on federal trade has accused and charged some foot pad distributors with an attempt at using deceptive advertising. Although it is true that the foot pads are made from natural and organic elements, it is not to mean that the manner in which they have been touted to work is verifiable. Their safety cannot also be premised on the assumption that they are natural. When in doubt, it is always good to do some thorough research and consult with a trusted physician before using any health products. You cannot play trial and error games with your health.

In conclusion, anything that sounds good but without scientific backing should be approached with great caution. It is advisable to wait a while for scientific research to be done. Do not invest money and time into a cause that is doubtful. After all, foot patches are not the only detoxification method. There are other proven detoxification alternatives that can work perfectly.

For the sake of family health, parents ought to consult a doctor on the type of detoxification method to use. If your doctor finds nothing wrong with using detox foot patches, they must have a good reason for that. Kids and the family can live a life free of toxins by paying more attention to nutritional health and eating organic foods. Kids are advised to avoid sugars as well.
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