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Free! Here Are Little Known Water Line Repair Basics for Every Homeowner

>> Mar 20, 2018

Water lines are designed to last long. However, breakages do occur.  And allowing leakages to persist can cause extensive damage to your flooring, ceilings, and walls, plus other domestic components close the seepage. Also, be cautious of your water bill as it may result in higher utility costs. Water line leaks actually threaten your home’s stability, so don’t wait to make the repairs. Do them right away!

But you shouldn’t undertake the repair by yourself. Just call a reputable water line repair plumber without ado.

Water Lines: Why Do They Break?


Plumbing problems may be caused by several factors, including aging pipes, inadequate plumbing materials, poor water quality, and normal wear & tear. All plumbing systems are built to withstand prolonged usage, but after some time, pinhole leaks might form and connections weaken. You’re more likely to notice this in your kitchen and bathroom. When you accidentally hit the under-sink storage pipes, it leads to loose connections.

Another common reason for breaking up the pipes, particularly those in the backyard or underneath the foundation is age. Most homes need water service line repair because of corroded water pipes and clay sewer lines. These modules work pretty well for decades, but apparently, they aren’t intended to last forever. Eventually, they’ll start to crack and expose their age. This results in slab leaks, mainline breaks, and sewer line leaks. So, consider doing water line repair or replacing those aging pipes of yours before they burst in order to avoid this devastating situation.

Water quality also plays an important role in the operation of your home’s plumbing system. Hard water contains a sediment which sticks to pipe walls causing a harsh environment as well as clog formation.

Contact a Water Line Repair Company for Leak Detection Services


Regular leak detection is the only way to avoid emergency issues with your water line. So add this vital service to your maintenance schedule. It will help you spot small leaks before growing into burst pipes. Moreover, ensure to watch out for the following signs and symptoms of water line leaks:
  • Low water pressure
  •  A sound of running water in pipes even when water isn’t being used
  • Higher water bills
Important: Call a water line repair expert right away and avoid unanticipated, costly repairs.

Preventing Bursts: The Golden Tips

Just like you would love to keep your body warm and safe, it’s equally important to protect your home from harsh weather conditions. Otherwise, mechanical systems such as water pipes stand a great risk of freezing and finally bursting when the mercury inside it dips. That can bring extensive damage due to flooding. However, these helpful tips can help you protect your plumbing.

Drain the pipes

If some of your water supply lines run through a sprinkler or pool, ensure that you drain the water prior to the onset of the cooler weather.

The power of taping it

One great way to protect your pipes from freezing is to apply automated heating tape. Get one that automatically turns on and off when heat is required. Just be keen to follow the provided instructions carefully to prevent a fire breakout.

The thermostat should be ON, always!

You might prefer to switch off your heat while you are away, but it’s always advisable to set your thermostat at 550C if you intend to travel. And even when you are home, consider keeping the level constant throughout the day and night.

Just let it drip

If you’ve concerned regarding pipes freezing, just turn on the cold water tap slightly to ensure it drips. That’ll release systemic pressure and prevent pipe bursting.

Other important tips include;
  • Insulate the pipes and all the cleanings that surround your pipes
  • Ensure that the water supply lines are kept warm
  • Permit the warm air to circulate freely

Water Line Repair &Maintenance Is Important: Don’t Ignore!

Watch out for the common signs of water line problems, such as water discoloration, soggy spots on the lawn, reduced water pressure, and unusual water bills. Don’t postpone your water line’s routine maintenance for it to escalate into a nightmare. Ensure inspections are conducted regularly. This helps you to spot any issue and conduct maintenance to avoid pipe bust-ups. Doing a regular water line repair & maintenance helps nip water line issues in the bud and prevents contamination.

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