Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Stop and stare -The art of brewing coming to life with flowering teas

>> Mar 23, 2018

Tea packs all the goodness of antioxidants and flavonoids. Up until recently, we had only heard about black tea, green tea, oolong, white tea, Darjeeling tea and Chinese greens. Other variants were quite rare. No matter what form it came in, it always packed all the goodness in a nice warm aroma. Tea is great for waking you up in cold mornings as well as soothing nerves at night after a long day. However, nothing compares to the magic blooming tea can brew with each unfurling petal and leaf.
What is flowering tea?

The process of crafting flowering tea is quite delicate yet tedious. Artisans need a great deal of practice and patience to successfully join dried tea leaf and flower together to replicate a real whole flower complete with the petioles. The artists craft the bud in such a way that pouring hot water on them causes the petals to unfurl and release the aroma into the steaming liquid. As the flower steeps in the water, the aroma fills the teapot and rejuvenates aesthetics. After a long day at work, making a pot of tea with your family and loved one can cleanse all the tedium with the aroma that fills the room.

Health benefits that come with flowering tea

Many skeptics ask about the health benefits of the fancy, delicate and elegant designer tea. While it is indeed pretty, it is also extremely nutritious for a stressed body. Just like traditional green tea, it has a generous dose of antioxidants, flavonoids, manganese, xanthene and a mélange of other necessary organic compounds necessary for our regular metabolisms. Whatever the day takes out of us, the flowering tea has the power to restore.

Just like good natural and organic green tea, flowering teas have the power to protect your cells against damage and aging. Throughout the day we collect some pollutants and cell-damaging chemicals in our body. The effect of the detoxifying chemicals in the tea deactivates these chemicals and helps in flushing them out of our bodies.

A different kind of a bouquet

In addition to the traditionally dried tea leaves, these flowering teas also contain a central bud made from dried flowers. All around the world, artisans and craft tea companies use several kinds of dried flowers due to their unique aroma, healing properties, and relaxing nature. For example – the craftsmen in the Yunnan province of China use jasmine, lily, globe amaranth, osmanthus, and chrysanthemum to make the central bud. Each of these flowers has a unique composition of vitamins, xanthenes, anti-oxidants and necessary immune boosting components.

Flowering teas have many variants. You can pick from among several flavor and aroma combinations. It is not a grab-and-go drink. You need to take a step back, relax and enjoy watching the tea bloom into full magnificence in its glass teapot. It is a performance piece like an opera that soothes the eyes, body, and soul.

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