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3 Essential Tricks on How to Grow Trees in Your Backyard

>> Mar 24, 2018

Nature is beautiful and trees seem to crown this beauty!  Look around and see that trees are the beauty of any nature park. Growing some in your backyard will not only bring the feeling you want but will also create a great atmosphere for your home. It’s quite easy to grow trees but care is required to make them look attractive and create a scenery of your own taste. 
Getting trees to fit your desired yard can be quite a task but it’s worth it.  You can choose from the millions of tree species that exist according to your soil type and liking.  Most trees do well anywhere but it is always important to check with a professional what tree is best for your area. 

Before growing any tree, it is important to prepare the grounds by removing stones, rocks or buildings that may be on the specific location. It is also critical to get the necessary advice on where exactly you want to plant the trees to avoid growing them too close to buildings, roads, rivers, etc. Instead of allowing old stumps to re-grow, it is wise to remove them and plant new trees so that you are sure they are firmly rooted in the soil.

Finally, after your ground is ready and you want to plant, ensure you get your soil test done to determine if it can hold those roots firmly without giving way. Many people tend to ignore this important step only to regret later when the soil gives way.     

The three important tricks to consider when undertaking tree service are:
·         Identify each tree before growing it – Each tree is unique, just like humans. They grow in different shapes and sizes and at different time. It is important to identify each tree before growing it. Research information may include, how big it grows, how firm its branches and roots are, how long it can last in your yard, etc. In case, you already bought a home that has trees growing in it, take time to identify each tree and its benefits. It would be wise to do away with trees that are weak and grow too tall because they may cause a major disaster during a storm.           
·         Think long-term – For every tree you choose, think 10-20 years later. Trees are long term in the fact that they tend to grow slowly for a long period of time. Don’t be carried away by the desire to have hundreds of trees crouched in your small backyard. Only plant those that your backyard can comfortably take.   
·         Give them a good spacing – Don’t fall into the bad habit of spacing trees wrongly; they won’t thrive! Different species require different spaces. Be willing to submit to the requirements no matter how many trees you want in your yard. Remember, it’s not the number of trees but the care you give them that will make your nature park a haven. The good spacing allows proper root formation, making the tree stand firm on its roots.  


Learn about Compensation for a Truck Accident

Being involved in a car accident is one thing. A truck accident on the other hand is a whole different thing altogether. If you live to tell the tale, you are very lucky indeed. Getting away from a collision with an 18-wheeler is akin to surviving a punch from The Hulk.
The two incidents may have the same legal weight, but a truck accident comes with more severe consequences and injuries compared to a smaller vehicle. Sometimes, it calls for a higher compensation.

Another factor that is considered is driver fatigue. A trucker is bound to be more exhausted than a small car driver.


You are entitled to truck accident compensation if:
ü  You were behind the wheel when the accident happened
ü  You were a passenger
ü  You were in another vehicle that was involved in the accident
ü  You were harmed physically by the accident
ü  You were harmed emotionally or financially by the accident

Trucks and other huge multi-wheeled machines can cause fatal accidents. Truck driving is a dangerous job. The driver must be even more alert, if that is even possible, than drivers of smaller vehicles. The sight of a humongous 18-wheeler barreling down an incline while out of control is not a vision that is likely to leave your mind anytime soon.

The process

There are five stages that you will go through when filing a truck accident claim:

  • Your lawyer will get in touch with you to discuss the accident and the aftermath.
  • There will be an agreement that you will sign with your lawyer so that they can begin preparing your case.
  • The team working on your case will take at least 6 months to collect supporting evidence for your case.
  • Your legal team and the defense team will meet to try and come up with an out-of-court settlement.
  • If the settlement is satisfactory, your legal team will settle your case and begin to process your compensation.
  • If the settlement is not acceptable, the case proceeds to court and a settlement will be sought that way.

If you have chosen experienced lawyers to represent you, then you are in safe hands. They will support and advise you throughout the process.

Does the claim take a long time?

The lawyers need 6 to 9 months to gather supporting evidence. For the whole process to be completed, give it 12 to 18 months. Trucking companies put up a pretty spirited fight themselves. They will try every trick in the book and out of the book to either get out of paying any compensation, or to pay as little as they can.


Go for a No Win No Fee law firm. Your fees will depend on the outcome of the case and will be subtracted from your compensation. If they lose the case, you don’t pay a dime.

In as much as no one wants to be involved in an accident you want to know what to do in case you are involved in one, especially one involving the monstrous trucks so that you know how to file a claim for a truck accident even as you thank your lucky stars that you are alive.


Stop and stare -The art of brewing coming to life with flowering teas

>> Mar 23, 2018

Tea packs all the goodness of antioxidants and flavonoids. Up until recently, we had only heard about black tea, green tea, oolong, white tea, Darjeeling tea and Chinese greens. Other variants were quite rare. No matter what form it came in, it always packed all the goodness in a nice warm aroma. Tea is great for waking you up in cold mornings as well as soothing nerves at night after a long day. However, nothing compares to the magic flowering tea can brew with each unfurling petal and leaf.
What is flowering tea?

The process of crafting flowering tea is quite delicate yet tedious. Artisans need a great deal of practice and patience to successfully join dried tea leaf and flower together to replicate a real whole flower complete with the petioles. The artists craft the bud in such a way that pouring hot water on them causes the petals to unfurl and release the aroma into the steaming liquid. As the flower steeps in the water, the aroma fills the teapot and rejuvenates aesthetics. After a long day at work, making a pot of tea with your family and loved one can cleanse all the tedium with the aroma that fills the room.

Health benefits that come with flowering tea

Many skeptics ask about the health benefits of the fancy, delicate and elegant designer tea. While it is indeed pretty, it is also extremely nutritious for a stressed body. Just like traditional green tea, it has a generous dose of antioxidants, flavonoids, manganese, xanthene and a mélange of other necessary organic compounds necessary for our regular metabolisms. Whatever the day takes out of us, the flowering tea has the power to restore.

Just like good natural and organic green tea, flowering teas have the power to protect your cells against damage and aging. Throughout the day we collect some pollutants and cell-damaging chemicals in our body. The effect of the detoxifying chemicals in the tea deactivates these chemicals and helps in flushing them out of our bodies.

A different kind of a bouquet

In addition to the traditionally dried tea leaves, these flowering teas also contain a central bud made from dried flowers. All around the world, artisans and craft tea companies use several kinds of dried flowers due to their unique aroma, healing properties, and relaxing nature. For example – the craftsmen in the Yunnan province of China use jasmine, lily, globe amaranth, osmanthus, and chrysanthemum to make the central bud. Each of these flowers has a unique composition of vitamins, xanthenes, anti-oxidants and necessary immune boosting components.

Flowering teas have many variants. You can pick from among several flavor and aroma combinations. It is not a grab-and-go drink. You need to take a step back, relax and enjoy watching the tea bloom into full magnificence in its glass teapot. It is a performance piece like an opera that soothes the eyes, body, and soul.


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