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Teachergive Sale 2023

Six reasons why pets make families happier

>> Dec 5, 2018

You could have the naughtiest pet that always keeps you on your toes, but you know that you can’t do without it. The pet bond gets strong that no matter how messy they might be, you’re ready to put up with it.
Why is important to have pets at home?

If you’re still in two minds about adopting a pet dog, the following reasons will explain why you should:

1.   They keep you active
A pet dog helps the entire family take the initiative to go out for dog morning walks. If you don’t spend enough time on physical activities, this is the first step to take it ahead.

Walking a dog is as mandatory as giving them their favorite treats – you can’t skip it. It gives you enough time to exercise and also take your kids out to play.

2.   Helps kids learn empathy
According to several pieces of research, kids that grow up with pets are more nurturing towards adults. They learn how to take care of living beings from an early age. They also have their sense of pain and comfort.

3.   They boost self-esteem
Pets make us feel needed – be it their morning run or filling up the food bowl. They also find ways to shower their love on us and are absolutely nonjudgmental about our lifestyles.

While people who live together might have differences of opinion, pets always adjust and give you a feeling of being by your side. This boosts our self-esteem and gives us a sense of belonging.

4.   Reduces depression
At a time when mental health has become such a concern, depression is a common feeling that many people share.

You might not find a person make you happy, but your pet dog will always be by your side. Many people, who live alone, find their family in their furry friends.

5.   They routine our lives
If you divide the dog’s duty among every member of your family, they feel keener on having a proper schedule.

Everyone can go for a morning walk together and start off their day in a positive way. You can take charge of what he eats, and your child can make sure that the water bowl is always filled. Your spouse can fill up the dog poop bag and take the pet for timely checkups.

Finally, eating dinner together is another regularity to maintain. These tiny steps can help you teach discipline and keep things more organized.

6.   Keeps everyone happy
Imagine going to a picnic with your family and having your pet with you. You are in for one of the best rejuvenating therapies ever!

Be it times when you play fetch or times when you snuggle and sleep with your dog, you will always be happy in its presence.

Final thoughts
Keeping your dog happy and healthy, keeps the entire environment around the house delightful. Make sure you give him the right food and indulge everyone in the family to take care of it.  

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