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5 Best Places to Stay in Krabi, Thailand for Family

>> Dec 19, 2018

Krabi area is located in the Southern region of Thailand. Krabi continues to attract thousands of tourists each year because the area has a myriad of family-friendly beaches, mangrove forests, cliffs, and islands. However, since there are many places and activities one can engage in, the decision on where to spend your family vacation may not come easy. Here is a guide on the best place to stay in Krabi for the family. 
1. Krabi Town

The town is also a great place to spend your holiday because it is laid back and offers a relaxed environment for tourists to unwind. The locals in the town are hospitable, and they have upheld the Thai culture. Since the town does not have much influence from foreigners, it makes it a great place to spend the holidays with your whole family. There are great hotels to sleep in depending on your budget. You can also decide to spend the holiday in a family resort in Krabi. Other than the hotels, there are also street foods that are pocket-friendly if you want some local Thai cuisines. While in town, you can visit the Krabi Tiger Cave, take a walk along the streets or go swimming.

2. Ao Nang Beach

A beach is an ideal place if you want to spend your holiday relaxing on the white sandy beach. Most importantly, the beach area has a variety of hotels and restaurants where you can grab some food. However, as you order meals for children, ask whether it is spicy. There are also many kid-friendly resorts in Ao Nang Area such as Holiday Inn Resort - Krabi Ao Nang Beach. Ao Nang Beach gets pretty crowded during peak season hence; you have to be ready to mingling. The crowding can be a good thing for children because they can get to make friends and playmates from all walks of life. Swimming is another activity you can involve in while at the beach. Alternatively, you could decide to build sand castles with your kids. Ao Nang Beach is the best place to stay for a family vacation.

3. Lanta Island

Koh Lanta is the best bet for a family trip thanks to the peaceful surrounding. One thing that distinguishes the Lanta Island from the other is the fact that there are no noisy bars and night parties likely to disturb your peace. Hence, the place is ideal for children. There are many beaches on the island, and you can explore in a hired tuk-tuk or a car. One of the beaches you should visit is Khlong Dao Beach. Your family will enjoy swimming in the clear beach waters. Alternatively, you could choose to explore the island by visiting Lanta Old Town or Lanta Animal Welfare. Where to sleep or eat should also not be a worry because the island is filled with hotels and resorts suitable for all budgets.

4. Tham Phra Nang beach

The beach has pristine white sands perfect for basking. Also, the waters in the beach are shallow making it safe for children to swim. The beach area is surrounded by cliffs where you could take shelter from the sun. If you fancy rock climbing, the rocks are ideal for such an activity. There are two islands within the beach that you can also explore while there. The islands are Koh Nai and Koh Rang Nok. The beach is lined with different hotels and resorts where you can get food and accommodation as you enjoy your stay. Tham Phra Nang beach is the best option for a Krabi family holiday.

5. Railay Beach

Railay beach has some turquoise green waters that are shallow and good for safe swimming with kids. If you are seeking for a romantic getaway, the beach will offer exactly that and much more from the different eateries and accommodation that is affordable. The beach also gets crowded which is a benefit if you want the young ones to interact with others. If you enjoy taking boat rides, then you will love Railay beach because it can only be accessed via water. The long tail boats are the prominent modes of transport.


Some of the best places to visit in Krabi Thailand are Tham Phra Nang beach, Railay Beach, Krabi Town, Lanta Island, and Ao Nang Beach. The areas are children friendly and would make great family vacation destinations.

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