Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Streamline Your Storage with Contemporary Walk-in Closet

>> Dec 19, 2018

While storage is one of the prime concerns in the households with petite space, nowadays a variety of storage solutions have come to the scenario. From space-efficient cupboards to corner shelving items, everything is gaining popularity in the homes with space constraints. However, the walk–in-closets are getting much attention these days due to their versatility.

The Versatility of the Walk-in Closets
These are viable and functional alternatives to deal with your storage woes. Often placed in a master suite or bedroom, this convenient storage amenity can be outfitted with a variety of solutions, including modular units, shelves, racks and so on. Such a well-designed and smart storage system can accommodate your huge collection of clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and many other items that you cannot keep outside. The best part is the flexibility of the walk-in-closets. With smart techniques, you can transform the walk-in closet of your house into an organized space for all your bits and pieces.

Consider the Size & Layout
However, before taking the plunge, asses the size and layout of your existing closet to decide which makeover strategies will work best for it. Also make a list of the existing inventory of your wardrobe and other items you need to store. It helps you to decide the kind of storages solutions you need to be there in your closet. For example, if you have a huge collection of shoes, there must be ample space in the closet to accommodate your collection. In case of dresses, the storage shelving will be different.

When Walk-in Closet is a Decor Item
Normally, a walk-in closet acts as an added advantage to your wardrobe and other conventional storage solutions. Also it plays a significant role as a wonderful home d├ęcor. Contemporary closets come with a repertoire of design details. Hence, they can instantly perk up the overall look of your home with an extra touch of style. You can even try out various decorative ideas and enrich it with braiding, rosette and fluting drawers. Their subtlety leaves a high impact on the overall decoration of the closet. Some closets also come with an extension runner that offers a hassle free access to the back of the closet.

Summing Up
Finally, to sum up, mention must be made of the attractive finishes and the colors available in the contemporary walk-in closets. An interior designing professional can help you pick out the best storage solution, but you can also opt for DIY ideas. The DIY ideas presented here will help you do the job all by yourself, like Mrs. Agarwal has done in her 1 BHK flat in Pailan. Walk-in closets are undoubtedly one of the important items that serve both functional and aesthetics requirements of your home. However, don’t forget to check out various finishes and design accents available in the market before making an investment.

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