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Common Causes Of Wrongful Deaths In Florida

>> Dec 5, 2018

The death of a loved one can be devastating. If the loved one is the primary earning member it can be even more devastating. The memories of the person in your daily life keep recurring in your daily life and dreams. You wish they would come back even though you know it’s a fantasy and they are not coming back.
You can get over this slowly but if the cause of the death was due to negligence then accepting it as fate can be very hard. According to a personal injury attorney Miami you should pursue a wrongful death claim. The most common causes of wrongful deaths are:

·         The most common wrongful death cause is a car crash. Car crashes occur frequently and deaths do occur. Most of the time the reason for the car crash is the party that does not get injured. The injured party who succumbs to injuries is often not the reason for the accident. In such wrongful death cases the attorney will try to get all possible witnesses etc to ensure that the family gets the right compensation.
·         Another reason for wrongful deaths is some sort of criminal activity. Criminal activity does not mean gangsters and gun fights, criminal activity could mean bullying that could lead to a suicide.
·         One of the most common reasons for wrongful death claims is medical negligence. How many times have we read about a surgeon removing the right kidney in place of the left kidney, or a surgeon losing a glove inside the abdomen of a patient or a scissor etc. How many times have we read about doctors prescribing wrong medications resulting in deaths or a doctor prescribing a medicine to a patient allergic to that chemical compound? These are commonly also known as medical malpractice and one of the leading causes of wrongful deaths.
·         Another common cause of wrongful death is negligence by drivers of commercial vehicles such as rigs and semis. When an accident occurs where these commercial vehicles are involved you will usually find utter devastation and deaths that could have been avoided.
·         If I told you that death at the workplace was another cause of wrongful death you may look at me and feel I had gone bonkers. But the fact remains that negligence by the employer is a major cause of wrongful deaths. Safety is of paramount importance in every organization and when the safety and security is compromised wrongful deaths can occur and sadly do so too.

In times of despondency it is better to hire a wrongful death attorney who will look into the matter and get the family the compensation they need.

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