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You Can Try Meditation in These Surprising Places

>> Dec 15, 2018

It is a good idea to meditate when you are in a place which is conducive to meditation. It is not easy meditating, and it can get even worse if you are in an area that is noisy and distracting. The good thing is that you can contemplate in some places that you don't think are appropriate. With practice and focus, you won't mind meditating in these places.

Your car

You can meditate in your vehicle if you are in the parking lot. The place is quiet, and no one can bother you. Try moving to the passenger seat and recline your seat to feel comfortable. While waiting to pick your kids up from school or if you arrived too early for work, you can stay a while inside your car in the parking lot to meditate.

Using public transportation

Who says you can't meditate in public? If you are on a bus or train, you can take the opportunity to meditate. You might normally scroll your phone or speak with someone next to you while using public transportation. Instead of doing these things, you can use the time to meditate. It takes time to get to work, especially if you are stuck in traffic. It is enough time for meditation.

Churches or temples

You don't need to believe in the same faith to enter these places. Some of them are open for the public as long as you don't cause chaos. You can sit comfortably, while you are there. Since these are places of worship, people going inside need to be quiet. It is a perfect chance for you to meditate. Even the most significant urban centres have churches and temples that you can visit.

Public parks

Imagine sitting in a park during pleasant weather. It can be on a bench or a patch of grass. Whatever your choices are, you can feel comfortable while you are there. As long as it is not yet too hot by the time you start meditating, it will be okay.


You will love meditating in a bookstore. It is an unlikely place for meditation, but people here are quiet. There are even staff walking around to stop people from talking too loudly. You can also grab some books if you want to use the time to read.


While waiting for someone to call you to see the doctor or pay your bills, you can meditate. Use the space you have and forget the chaos surrounding you.

You can start a meditation business

Mastering the art of mindfulness takes time and effort. Once you do, you won't mind meditating anywhere you go. Even in the most chaotic location, you can find time to relax and be mindful of your actions. You can teach others to do the same if you learn how to start a relaxation business now. Lots of people are willing to give it a try. Make connections with possible clients, and your business could go a long way. 

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