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Teachergive Sale 2023

7 Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Could Add Value to Your Home

>> Dec 26, 2018

If your kitchen is looking worn or outdated, perhaps it is time to consider remodeling. Remodeling gives you the opportunity to get rid of worn out kitchen elements. It’s the ideal time to choose replacements that can add significant value and appeal to your home.
There are many variables that can affect whether a particular project you undertake will add value to your home. Local demand for various kitchen elements can vary widely. When in doubt, it’s beneficial to talk with knowledgeable real estate agents in your area. Real estate professionals can give you area-specific information about what’s in demand locally. They can also help you identify the features that are driving strong sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood.

It pays to prioritize your own project list based on local demand and neighborhood conditions. Think of the following list as a starting point for identifying kitchen renovations that could add value to your home.

1. Choose A Fresh Color of Paint

As far as home investments go, new paint is an outstanding first choice. Paint is relatively inexpensive in proportion to the impact it has on the look and feel of the kitchen. A newly painted kitchen feels clean and fresh. A new paint job also offers you an easy way to introduce the latest trendy colors into the kitchen décor.

2. Change to New Cabinet Doors

Perhaps your goal is to spend a little money on minor updates that will pay off well when it’s time to re-sell your home. If that’s the case, you probably want to avoid overspending on ripping the cabinets out and starting from scratch. The smarter alternative would be to replace dated looking kitchen cabinet doors. This is an affordable way to update without breaking the bank. Simple shaker style cabinet doors are trendy right now, and they can add significant appeal to modern and transitional style kitchens.

3. Go All Out With the Backsplash

If you don't have a lot of spaces to decorate in a small kitchen, don’t think that its value will be deceased by its size alone. You can aim for making every inch of your small kitchen looks neat and fancy in its own style. A kitchen splashback is a visually appealing addition to the kitchen design, and it is also functional. Its best to choose classic materials for this option. A small kitchen backsplash is not a lot of square footage, so if you want lavish limestone that looks stunning, chances are your budget maybe able to support it.

4. Update Kitchen Countertops

For years, real estate agents have been counseling their clients to redo their kitchen countertops with granite. This advice might still be valid in your area, but it is definitely worth checking prices and monitoring local demand before you make this investment. There are many other types of natural stone countertop that would be just as lovely.

5. Replace with New Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

If your current kitchen appliances are outdated, and your remodeling budget includes enough money to buy new kitchen appliances, replacing your old appliances may be worthwhile.

There are some emerging technologies available for increasing the WOW factor in the kitchen. Little details like hands-free faucets can contribute to the perception that the kitchen is really high-tech and up-to-date.

6. Upgrade Kitchen Hardware

Little details like kitchen hardware can make a big impact on a prospective home buyer’s perception of the space. Choose hardware that complements the décor and also the home’s style and ambiance.

7. Keep Floor Tile Large and Light

According to SEQ Tiling, a professional tiler in Brisbane, this tip is coming from a visual illusion that tiny floor tiles make your small kitchen look cramped and busy. On the other hand, large and light floor tiles create an illusion that your kitchen is larger and airier. So, try to go for nothing smaller than standard 12 x 12-inch tiles.

If you do an outstanding job of implementing these 7 kitchen renovation ideas, you are likely to add serious value to your home.

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