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Signs that Call for Homecare that You Should Not Ignore

>> Dec 7, 2018

Aging can have a significantly adverse effect on your parents ability to do things the way they were once able to do. However, it can be difficult to recognize these signs, which may sometimes lead to very undesirable consequences.
In order to avoid that, you should be looking for signs that reflect the need of help for your parents, and get them the homecare they need before it gets too late.


While forgetfulness is commonly linked to aging, extreme forgetfulness can turn out to be a serious issue for aging parents.

If your parents have been forgetting like locations, things, names, times and more, then it may not be the “common” forgetfulness that you may mistake it to be. Such a level of forgetfulness can make life challenging for your parents.

Loss of Stability

It’s not very uncommon for aging parents to have unexpected falls due to the loss of or reduced stability. If this is something your parents have been experiencing, it could be dangerous to leave them without any help.

After all, it’s likely that no one will be around your parents to help them when they fall suddenly, which could obviously lead to a very worrying situation.

Missing Appointments

Again, this is something that should be given more attention than it usually gets. If your parents have been missing appointments surprisingly more often than before, then it certainly cannot be a minor issue or the usual forgetfulness.

It can reflect extreme forgetfulness, having difficulty in driving, not being able to manage the time properly, as well as confidence issues as they need to go out alone at the time of the appointment.

Medication Issues

Some aging parents start forgetting to take their medications on time. Similarly, some often also end up with an overdose of one of the medications, as they forget the prescribed dosage they should be taking.

Needless to say, these things can lead to some serious health issues. Hence, if you find this happening to your parents, you must get homecare for them without any delay.

Driving Issues

Something that can be more dangerous than the other signs we discussed above is not being able to drive safely. If you see dents and scratches on your parents’ car which didn’t have any of them before, then it’s a clear sign that they are having issues driving safely.

We are sure you know how dangerous it can be in such a case for your parents to drive, for both your parents and the others.

Home Maintenance Being Neglected

Some of the other minor warning signs include a huge pile of mails, the home turning into a mess, and/or the bills not being paid on time. These all indicate that your parents are not being able to take care of the home’s maintenance, as they may just not be having the strength or desire to do so.

In such a situation – as well as all the others we discussed above –it becomes imperative to get homecare for caring your aging parents.

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