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Teachergive Sale 2023

Buy a good postpaid SIM in 5 steps

>> Dec 29, 2018

What does it take to buy a new postpaid connection? We tell you.

Buying a new postpaid connection is really easy, with providers laying down the red carpet for customers. You can buy the connection online. Here’s how you can buy a postpaid SIM in just 5 steps:
1. Go with the best service provider.
Half of your job is done when you team up with the best postpaid service provider. Leading providers like Airtel are known for their superb plans, excellent network coverage, high data transfer speeds and top-notch customer care. You don’t want to be stuck with a mediocre plan – buy a postpaid SIM from a leading provider in your city. Not only do they make the purchase process easy, but they also offer excellent deals on new SIM cards.

2. Choose the right postpaid plan.
Before you go ahead and sign up for a certain postpaid plan with a particular provider, analyse your phone usage. If you are a moderate to heavy user who needs the phone several times a day whether for work or recreation, you will need a lot of data. In that case, choosing a postpaid plan that offers a higher data spectrum is better. Instead of going with a plan that offers just about 20 GB per month, you could start off with the Rs 399 Airtel postpaid plan which offers 40 GB data plus rollover feature for unused data. Airtel currently has the best range of postpaid plans across all service providers in India. So, if you’re buying a new postpaid SIM, let it be an Airtel one. The plans are priced from Rs 399 to Rs 1,199. Each plan also has tremendous add-on benefits at no extra cost.

3. Initiate the buying process.
You can now buy the postpaid SIM online from the Airtel website. It is the only service provider to send the postpaid SIM to your house. You can initiate the purchase process online by booking the SIM card and opting for a suitable postpaid plan. You can even inquire about adding other Airtel users to the myFamily plan from Airtel.

4. Complete the KYC process.
Now that the SIM has been sent to you, you need to complete the KYC process so that you are registered as an Airtel customer and the SIM can be activated. These entail submitting your biometric data (the sales personnel will verify your Aadhaar credentials using a fingerprint scanner) and ask you to fill out an application form. You must submit a couple of photographs and give residential proof (passport/power or gas bill/driver’s licence copy/Aadhar card copy). Once the KYC process is completed, the SIM is activated in just a few hours.

5. Start using the SIM.
Now that the SIM card is activated, you can insert it in your phone and start using it. After a basic set up (as prompted on the phone screen), you can start using the new Airtel connection.

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