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Fun Things to Do on a Long Weekend with Your Family

>> Dec 5, 2018

You don’t always have the time to spend with your family given how busy you are at work. Your kids might also have a lot to do at school. You don’t need to wait until the holiday season though before you can do something fun with the family. If there is a long weekend coming up, you can think of activities that are fun and exciting.

Cook at home

If you want a dish that you can't cook because it takes time to prepare, now is the time for you to do it. You can cook with your kids, so they can help expedite the process. You can use this chance to teach them how to prepare the ingredients and use cooking equipment.

Watch lots of movies

A movie marathon is one of the most exciting activities you can do with your kids. You can take turns selecting the movies you want to watch. For a 3-day weekend, you can have as many as ten movies per day.

Fun games

You can also try fun card games and board games. You might have some in your cabinet, but you are not using them since you don’t have enough time. Now that you have time to play whatever games you want, you can finally take those board games out. You can choose educational games too so that even during the holiday, your kids can continue learning.

Rent a big house

You can find a different environment where you can do whatever you want, even for two nights. You can check out big houses for rent that are within your budget. The good thing about renting such a house is that you can use facilities you don't have at home. The house might have a swimming pool, entertainment room and a music room. You can have fun using these facilities that you don't own.

Go shopping

You might be too busy to head to a local store to buy stuff. You end up buying online whatever you need. It is now your chance to go back to traditional shopping with your family. You can purchase gifts for Christmas or choose the things you want for yourself. You know what you need, but you don't have time to visit a local store to try it on and purchase it. Your kids would love going shopping with you too.


You need sleep, especially if you are very busy with work. It is your chance to catch up. You can cancel all your schedule of activities. You might also push them back later into the day if you still want to do something with your kids. Once your regular schedule comes back, you have no choice but to have a few hours of sleep again.

The long weekend is precious. Make the most of this chance since you don’t get it often. It is okay even if you spend money to have fun with your kids and have time to relax.

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