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A Few Ways For Seniors To Stay Healthy, Active, And Alert

>> Dec 14, 2018

There comes a time in our lives when it is time to enjoy what is left in our lives. We don't want to burden ourselves with stress, especially if we have serious health conditions. As a senior citizen, I want to stay healthy, alert and active. Places like www.pegasusseniorliving.com are also a great way to find a community that understands and supports people of our age.


Health Tips

Just because we are in our senior years, it doesn't mean we have to stop thinking about our health. I know you're probably thinking, "because of the medications I take, at times I get tired and depressed. I don't want to just take pills every day as the focal point of my day." Many seniors feel this way, so you are not alone. One health tip is to eat healthy. Since digestion slows down as we age, it is recommended to consume food that is high in fiber. Fruits such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, and mangos are high in fiber. Carrots, beets, artichoke, and Brussel sprouts are a few examples of vegetables that are high in fiber as well. By consuming high-fiber food, it will help us digest our food a little better. In turn, we are keeping healthy, while uplifting our mood, by eating delicious food. Another health tip is to socialize. I know some of us would rather be in our rooms watching television or reading a book in peace and quiet. However, socializing can also make improvements in our mood and overall health. Talk with your family members or talk with dear old friends, even if it's just for a few minutes. Socializing can keep our minds active.

Being Healthy and Alert

Staying healthy and alert is key in living an active lifestyle. We should consult with health professionals so that they can give us advice on how to stay active and alert. One way to stay alert is to have our vision checked frequently. We don't want to add any additional strain on our eyes, especially if we are reading a book or doing our exercises. By having our vision checked, we can make sure that we are prescribed a comfortable and correct pair of glasses. By doing so, seeing as clearly as possible will help us stay alert. Another recommendation is to change our routine from day to day. Perhaps you normally read in the morning then take naps throughout the day. Maybe you like to do a bit of laundry in the afternoon. Switching up the routine and doing them in a different order can help our minds stay active and alert.


Many of our children have become adults and many of us have grandchildren. When we can, we go visit them to see how they are doing and to spend time with them. Talk with your children about ways to help out around their home when you go visit them. It will give us the needed exercise while proactively finding a way to stay active. Whatever you do to help around the house, it is best to not over exert yourself. It is best to give ourselves rest periods throughout the day and to just relax and not worry about things we can do at a later time.

Senior Living

If the time comes when we can no longer be left alone in our homes and require day to day assistance, senior living may be an option for some of us. Normally at a senior living community, we are surrounded by senior citizens who also want to remain healthy, active, and alert. Some of the benefits of living in a senior community include daily activities. Daily activities, such as dances, games, and overall community socializing will help promote an active and healthy senior lifestyle. It is highly recommended to seek out a senior community that can provide exceptional quality in service to maintain a safe and supportive environment.

In everything we do today, it is important to remember that we have aged. It is important to accept this so that we can seek medical advice for ourselves. Health professionals will be able to give advice and provide the necessary care we need for our overall health. Remember, stay active by doing daily activities, stay healthy by eating healthy food, and stay alert by getting our visions checked frequently. Please also remember to give yourself some rest and to not overexert yourself during daily activities.

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