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Teachergive Sale 2023

Some boring but essential things in life

>> Dec 20, 2018

We all have to face tasks that are incredibly boring in life. In fact, it’s hard to square why we have to do them when the argument should be that we should just be trying to have as much fun as possible. One of the greatest quotes I ever saw on film (that was clearly impossible to achieve) was said by Viv Savage the keyboard player for the fictional (but at times all too real) band Spinal Tap. He was pressed by the director, Marty Di Bergi, to say what his mission in life was and what people should do. A clearly under the influence of something Viv looked at him and said, “just have a great time, all the time”. Being a keyboard player in a rock band Viv Savage could do this but you and I mere mortals cannot. For example, is there anything more boring than organising the annual Boiler Service Gloucester way or wherever you live for that matter. However at least if you click on www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ this task can be done quite easily. Here are some others. Maybe Viv Savage left the rock and roll life and settled down and had to do some of the following things we all have to do.
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 1.  Queue for a bus. Unless you decide to leave it a little late so that you have to run for it in most cases, you’ll be sat on one of those rubbish plastic bench things that serve no earthly use waiting and waiting for a bus and avoiding eye contact with other people.
2.   Setting up Direct Debts. The amount fun it is to ring up all the utilities and council and entertainment providers and go through the same bank details over and over again to be told the same thing by the person you are speaking to about the Direct Debt guarantee. It is possible to measure when your brain melts out your ears.
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3.   Talking to someone at the coffee machine for longer than you intended to. You’re getting a stagnant coffee from the rancid instant coffee machine and then along comes Roger/Mary/Ritesh who you vaguely know. You make the terrible of mistake of saying “Hi, how are you?” expecting the required response of a cheery “I’m fine thanks, how’s you?” but instead you suddenly get an annual update about how little Timmy is starting school, and he’s very bright for his age etc plus their Aunty Claire isn’t feeling well again.
4.   In the MOT test centre waiting room. You’re already on edge but now you find that you’ve got to spend forty-five minutes reading either the Daily Star or the tyre wear and brake pads warning posters whist the waves of boredom and anxiety wash over you.
5.   Looking for something you haven’t lost but someone else has. The true meaning of hell on earth.

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