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Top Florida cities for families with children

>> Dec 11, 2018

We all want what's best for our families. When you have kids, you stop worrying about what you want, and you start putting their needs ahead of your own. That means that, unlike up until that moment when you first saw your child, you can't worry about yourself only, but about the happiness of your entire family. Now, one of the first things that play a role in the welfare of your family is the state you live in. The Sunshine State is a popular destination for singles, retirees, as well as big families. But, just like Miami is the best city for singles, there is also a list of the best Florida cities for families with children. If you are a parent, this list is of utmost importance for you, so let's not waste another minute but begin our countdown. 

What do all Florida cities for families with children have in common? 

Have you ever wondered why cities such as Miami and Las Vegas are not the most suitable ones for families? And what makes other cities like Sioux Falls and Colorado Springs perfect for family life? Well, other than the size of the city, there are certain factors all kid-friendly cities have in common.

  • Low crime rate. The first prerequisite for a city to be considered one of the best Florida cities for families with children is safety. No one wants to worry about the safety of their child once he or she leaves the house. 
  • Good schools. Every parent wants to see their child succeed in life - that is just the natural order of things. For a city to be considered family-friendly, there have to be good primary and secondary schools. 
  • Family-friendly amenities. Parents want to be able to take their kids out to a museum or a gallery without having to travel hours to get there. 

The beach life is perfect for kids of all ages.
After learning about the subject and looking at the details, you will also notice that another thing almost all family-friendly cities have in common is the high price of living. Which makes sense, considering the fact you always hear how kids are expensive. And guess what? Your first expense when moving to another country or even city will be reputable movers. In order to find professionals to help you move to another state and be able to afford it, you will have to save up front and do some budgeting. But, once you settle in one of the best Florida cities for families with children, it will all be worth it. 

Tampa, Hillsborough County

With 361,477 residents, Tampa is the largest city on our list of the best Florida cities for families. However, you should not be fooled by its size, as Tampa has everything necessary for your kids to thrive. As a large city, it is filled with amenities of all sorts, and plenty of quality schools. And with 27.6% of households having at least one child, you are sure to be in good company after moving to Tampa. Whether you want to homeschool your child after moving or enroll him or her in a top-notch school, this Florida city is the perfect place for you!

Boca Raton, Palm Beach County

Boca Raton may be best known as a perfect city for retirees. But, if you think about it, what could retirees and families with children possibly have in common? Both of these groups want a peaceful life, and Boca Raton can certainly provide it! What is so impressive about this city is that there is only one other city with a lower family poverty rate in entire Florida! When you take into account the fact that Boca Raton has the ninth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, packing your bags might be the next thing you do. But don't rush it, as a long distance move is quite a challenging endeavor. Make sure you have everything organized before making a decision to move. 
This city in Palm Beach County is one of the best Florida cities for families with children.
Winter Park, Orange County

This small town with less than 30,000 residents has everything necessary for your child's happiness. The closest big city is Orlando, which gives you an option to take a family trip on a sunny weekend and have fun as a family. Usually, you will find that Winter Park is always compared to Winter Garden. In fact, there is no need to compare the two, as they are both great places where you can raise your family. The percentage of households with kids is high, and the population of the towns is youthful. What more could you possibly need?

Wellington, West Palm Beach

In essence, Wellington is a village. But don't let that fact fool you - Wellington is actually the place with one of the highest household median incomes! On average, every household in Wellington earns around $81,000, which makes this village appealing to people from all around the state. If you add that to the fact that the high school graduation rate in Wellington is 79.4%, you can see why this village is on our list of the best Florida cities for families with children. It combines the best of both worlds – high quality of living mixed with good education for the youth.
You will be a proud parent on the day of your child’s graduation.
The only thing left to think about is whether you want to move by yourself or hire movers to help you move to one of the top Florida cities for families with children. The places on our list will give your kids a good start in life, while enabling them to live in a nice environment, at the same time. As a parent, there is no doubt you will realize the potential these places have, and move your entire family to a city from our list. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it!

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