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Electric Bikes

>> Mar 22, 2018

What is an electric bike? It is just like a regular bike, only a whole lot more fun! The rider can either use it manually like a regular bike, or turn on the motor for more power.
electric bike

The benefits of an e-bike

What are the benefits of an e-bike? Anything you ever knew about riding a bicycle will be changed the instant you get on your new e-bike. Whenever you get on to your new e-bike, you will experience something you have never before experienced; remember the joy you felt when going down a hill on your traditional bicycle?  The wind in your hair, being able to rest your feet on the pedals until you hit the bottom of the hill. Well riding an e-bike will give you that similar feeling, only all the time. The e-bike has a motor that kicks in to assist you as you are pedaling; a motor that is easy to maintain, quiet and smooth running.

Electric bikes can operate in two methods—the first method of operation is the Power Assist (PAS), this method is when the motor comes on and connects the instant you start to pedal.

The second method an e-bike operates is Power on Demand (POD); this is when the handle throttle controls the motor, similar to that of a moped.  

How far can I ride my e-bike on a single charge?

You will need to calculate the watt-hours that your e-bike’s battery has in order to answer this question. 
The “watt hours” is how you calculate how much energy your e-bike’s battery back holds in order to know exactly what the range is you may travel at one time before needing a new charge. The way to figure your watt-hours is to multiply the voltage by the amp hours (Ah). For instance, a 36-volt, 10 ah battery has 360-watt hours. If you are thrifty with your energy usage, you can go about 20 miles for every what hour, which means a 360 watt power pack will let you travel 18 hours. The range also is dependent upon where and how you ride your e- bike. 

When shopping for an e-bike, there are three important features to think about:  the watt-hours the e-bike potentially has as far as the range; the cost of the e-bike; and the weight of the bike. 

If you want better performance from your e-bike, you are better off to buy a battery that has a name brand, these will last longer and require fewer charges than a battery that was made in China with a generic name. The only downside to this is that for a battery pack with name brand cells will be slightly higher in price. 

One way to test your e-bike salesman is to ask him or her the brand and chemistry type that is in the cell pack; if he or she cannot answer your questions, seek the answer elsewhere, or do your own research on the subject. 

Once you find the e-bike that fits your range and other needs, you are going to ask yourself why you didn’t buy an e-bike sooner.


Party Entertainers for Kids- What you should know

Games and crafts are fun aspects of children’s parties but there are times when you want your kids to have something special to celebrate their day. Party entertainers such as clowns, cartoon mascots and magicians can help to create unforgettable events and make sure that all the guests have a great time.
Choosing a suitable party entertainer requires some research to avoid ending up with a disappointing event. Before making a final decision or signing a contract, there a number of tips that are worth keeping in mind when you want to hire a party entertainer for your son or daughter’s celebration.

Party Budget
It is important to determine your party budget before you start looking for the best entertainer. Remember to consider all costs, including drinks, food, gifts for the guest of honor, goodie bags and the event space. If you can accommodate an entertainer in your list of expenses, you can cut down on costs in some areas. Find out the rates that are ideal for you before you embark on your search for an entertainer.

Shopping Around
It is always a good idea to shop around for party entertainers before making a final choice. If you reside in a large city that offers several options, talking to more than one entertainer can help you find a high quality performer and save money.

  • Carrying out a quick online search for kids party entertainers within the area can save a lot of time. This will give you an idea of the options that are available.
  • You can browse the web for activities, characters and base rates offered. It is also essential to look at videos or pictures from previous events. Note down your favourites and contact the businesses directly rather than relying on quote services and online rates only.
  • Planning ahead will give you more time for shopping around. If you plan to book an entertainer, you may find it difficult to track down exactly what your child is interested in if you do not have enough time.

Interviews and Inquires

  • ·While contacting potential party entertainers, do not hesitate to ask about what their usual act involves, references and experience. Inquire about how comfortable they are around children and kids’ parties. For instance, a magician who typically performs at business of corporate events is probably not a good option for a group of children. 
  •  Consider the duration of performances and how much time the entertainer needs. Younger children may not be able to sit still for hours. Preteens may prefer a lot of participation, audience interaction and hands-on activities.
  • Do your research before calling an entertainment service provider. Decide on the location, date and time. You need to be able to clearly describe the type of entertainment you want and whether there is a particular theme for the party. You also need to be aware of the number of guests.

After organising your child’s party, everything should be confirmed ahead of time. Confirm the location, date and time. Make sure that the contract includes all the pertinent information before you sign it. Proper planning and preparation will enable you to enjoy the celebration with your children.


Getting Your New Home Ideas from Display Homes

There are times when you want something, like a new home, but you have no idea what to look out for. You might be passionate and excited at the prospect of joining the league of homeowners but you do not know where to begin. Should you build home or buy? What kind of home should you be thinking about?
The answer is, display homes. Unless you have known since you were about 5 the type of home you would like to live in, down to the minutest details, a display home should work best for you. Here, you will not only get ideas of what you want your ideal home to look like; you will also get inspired.

Where do you find display homes?

There must be builders around your area of residence that have a few homes on display. If not, you can always check the surrounding neighborhood and drive out there to have a look. A search on the internet should set you on the right path. If you type display homes Gold Coast, for instance, you will be spoilt for choice.

What to look out for

  • Layout: How your home is laid out is important. This is your haven and you will want to entertain your family and friends, relax after work and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is imperative, therefore, that you figure out beforehand where you want the rooms to be situated. Think about the distance from the kitchen to the livingroom or the outdoors. Think about where you want the bathrooms to be. You can get these inspirations from seeing a few display homes. You are bound to find a few with a layout that appeals to you.
  • How will your ideal home fit in your area?The display home probably has to-die-for views of meadows and woods or parks and a lake. Should you pick this particular model, what will the effect be in your area? Obviously you cannot pick the model and the scenery and just plunk them down where you hope to live to have the exact same ambience.
  • Listen to your gut: You have heard this one before and probably figured it on applies to humans. Your instincts are very important here too. If a house raises the hairs on your arms, move on swiftly to the next one. There's nothing to see there. You will however find one that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling. You just want to get in and go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. Take a closer look at that one. You probably hit the jackpot.
  •  Quality:The quality of the work is important. You might find the aesthetics so appealing and forget to check the quality of construction, but you must. Inspect the doors and windows. Check if they are level and look keenly for cracks. Also check the fixtures and building materials that have been used.

You need not struggle with ideas and blueprints you cannot make head or tail of when a cursory search on the internet like display home Gold Coast can bring up homes that can inspire you and give you great ideas for your own.


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