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Teachergive Sale 2023

4 Practical Tips to Help You Select the Perfect Wedding Band

>> Dec 12, 2015

This list of tips will help you pick the right wedding band to ensure you’re happy with your choice for years to come.
1.   Work your way in
This is likely to be the only piece that you and your partner will have to buy together and wear every day. As such it’s good to come together and select a preliminary list of options before hitting the retailers’. The following are important questions to answer:
·         Will the wedding band metal match the engagement ring?
·         Will the wedding band match his watch metal?
·         Do you want unique, over-the-top or simple?
·         Will both bands have diamonds or any other precious stone of choice?
·         Will you wear matching bands?
These will help you to zero in on your options once you start looking around

2.   Consider getting sets
This won’t work if you want to surprise your partner with the engagement ring. However, you can (much earlier or through a proxy) find out what your partner likes in terms of metals, precious stones, cuts and designs.
If your partner will wear both rings on the same hand, consider how the wedding band complements the engagement ring. Unique and fancy-cut ring are well complemented by simple wedding bands, while classic solitaire rings may work well with diamond pave bands for added glitz.

Think about how the rings will touch if on the same finger. Find shadow or contour bands which are made to interlock with the engagement ring. If they will be worn separately, you have much greater choice regarding the intricacy of style. Talk to your jewelry designer and see if you can get all three rings sorted at once – this will be one less thing to think about once you start planning the wedding itself.

3.   Start early
This is especially true if you want something fancy, or you’re on a very restricted budget. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to diamond rings for women and men. At the least, allow two or three months to search through both bricks-and-mortar and online stores. If you must have custom-set bands, you’ll need even longer. Consider also that extras such as engraving and valuation can take as long as four weeks.

4.   Go wild and creative
If you prefer whiter metals and your partner likes yellow or rose gold for instance, there’s no law stating you have to wear matching bands. If you have very different tastes but still want matching bands, consider getting braided bands which have a little of both metals. The key is to ensure that you are both comfortable with your final choice: you will, after all, wear them for many years to come. You can choose matching inscriptions to make your rings come together if you choose different styles.

Bonus tip: think lifestyle
Don’t just buy a pricey wedding band that will sit uncomfortably on your hand, and hence you may have to remove it (making you more likely to lose it). Choose something that will seamlessly fit into your life such as comfort-fit bands which are slimmer and have rounded edges best for people who use their hands a lot e.g. in sports. Avoid having too many gemstones which are likely to come loose if overly agitated.

The author is a reputable jeweler who has been in the business of selling diamond rings for women as well as many different items of jewelry for various occasions. He has written many articles on getting the best use out of your choice of jewelry, and other subjects.

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