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Teachergive Sale 2023

Make Kitchens More Good-looking With Stainless Steel Splashbacks

>> Dec 14, 2015

Splashbacks are protective surfaces on kitchen walls that protect walls from greasy matter, splatters and water. Though the basic task of a splashback is to protect walls, it also makes a big difference on the overall appearance of the kitchen, and so their selection should be done with due care. If the buyer is confused about the style and design will be best suited for the kitchen it is better to take the advice of an experienced designer, and these are like permanent fixtures which are not frequently replaced. A well designed one will add to the elegance of the kitchen. Splashbacks made with stainless steel are also preferred in commercial kitchens, restraints and hospital kitchens as they are easy to maintain and are more durable, they are also more hygienic compared to those made of other types of materials.
Why To Choose A Stainless Steel Splashback?
·     Stainless steel splashbacks have advantage over those which are made of other material like ceramic, synthetic, glass or stone. The first advantage is its ability to withstand higher temperatures and is sturdier, which is not the case with synthetic material, especially acrylic or glass ones. Moreover, it does not need special cleaning liquids as in the case of glass, acrylic, mosaic or stone ones, it can be cleaned with any standard cleaning agents which are easily available in the market. They also have the advantage of being non porous, they are easy to clean and do not retain small particles of dirt which may not be visible to the eye making them very hygienic. Splashbacks made with stainless steel match with any kind of bench tops be it wood, stone or synthetic material because of their basic color which is bright and makes them blend with bench tops of various colors.

·    They are available in a variety of finishes like brushed, anodized black or smooth, the buyer can select from any of these varieties which blend with the cooking top and enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Although, these are not changed frequently; however, in case the owner wants to replace the existing one with another model it can be done easily as most of them are fitted to the wall with screws, all that needs to be done is simply unscrew the old one and fix another one in its place unlike ceramic or glass ones which are stuck to the wall.
Elegance, Durability And Cleanliness Of Stainless Steel Splashbacks
As seen in the above paragraph, the advantages of using stainless steel over other materials for splashbacks are many. Apart from durability, non corrosive qualities and cleanliness it is the modern look of stainless steel which makes it popular. Splashbacks made with stainless steel are available in various patterns where some are designed like tiles; other designs with different types of patterns pressed on the steel sheet are also available. Since stainless steel is a high quality material it is used by the architects all around the world for various applications which includes kitchen appliances and splashbacks. Firstly, it gives a modern look to the kitchen; its appearance is such that it blends with other items in the kitchen, it can be easily fixed or removed and most importantly it is hygienic and durable.

Modern architectural designs featuring cubical shapes with sharp angles are common nowadays; the rooms including the kitchen are also designed in the same style.  Stainless steel splashbacks make the kitchen look bigger because of its bright look; it also makes the kitchen look sleeker and modern as most of the designs feature sharp geometrical shapes which are their hallmark.

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