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Vital Information about Rare Earth Magnets Safety

>> Dec 14, 2015

Rare earth magnets are applied in plethora of applications. They are strong and need to be handled carefully, so as to avoid damage or personal injury.
Powerful magnetism force can cause grave injuries
The force between two rare earth magnets is very powerful. It is advised to wear eye protection and gloves, while handling large magnets.

Keep rare earth magnets away from children
Rare earth magnets must be kept away from children. They may inhale or ingest magnets, which can cause either injury or death. Therefore secure them, when you leave it unattended.

Children must not be allowed to play with toys that include rare earth magnets. Magnetic jewelry should be kept away from body orifice like mouth, nose, and ear. If accidentally, they get aspirated into your lungs, emergency medical attention is needed.

Rare earth magnets can influence pacemaker
The powerful magnetic field around neodymium magnet affects ICD’s, pacemakers and implanted medical devices. Several devices are designed with an aspect that deactivates the magnetic field. However, it is sensible that people with these devices should maintain a safe distance from magnetic products.

Rare earth magnets are brittle & fragile
When exposed to higher temperature some variety of rare earth magnets get demagnetized. Even though these magnets are strong and can speed up the attraction between one another or towards ferrous materials. They can shatter, peel, crack, and chip, if they slam together. Due to its brittleness magnets are not drilled or machined easily. Get to understand the valuable properties of rare earth magnet on the site www.usneodymiummagnets.com

Rare earth magnets affect magnetic media
Due to rare earth magnet’s strong magnetic field, there is a need to keep it away from electronic equipment as well as magnetic storage media.

Rare earth magnet becomes demagnetized when exposed to high temperature
The operating temperature is listed as 80°C but the magnet’s maximum operating temperature depends on shape, grade, and its way of using.

Rare earth magnet dust is inflammable
Drilling and machining process can produce inflammable metal powder or dust, which can ignite due to heat buildup and burn.

Allergic people must avoid extended contact with magnets
There are few people suffering from nickel allergies, which can cause skin rash or redness. Such allergic people must keep away from handling neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets are vulnerable to oxidation
When exposed to air neo magnets absorb hydrogen and the material structure expands and cracks, which is termed as decrepitation. Oxidized magnets are recommended to be disposed of.

Rare earth magnets can corrode
Even though the magnets are plated, they are not water proof. Exposure to moisture can make it corrode and lose its magnetic strength.

Magnetic force affects navigation and compasses
Magnetic material shipping conducted via ground or air need to comply IATA packaging guidelines. Magnetic field influences magnetometers or compasses employed in aircrafts. It can even affect the internal compasses of GPS devices and Smartphone.

Disposal of rare earth magnets
Disposal process needs to be in accordance to federal, state, and local law. All the powerful permanent magnets need to be thermally demagnetized before disposal.

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