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Teachergive Sale 2023

Turn Your Kid's Bedroom Into Something Awesome

>> Dec 17, 2015

Every child dreams about having their very own bedroom, and whilst you as a parent should make it possible, there are some limitations you need to talk about. Nevertheless, until your children can decide for themselves what they really want, you have absolute freedom to transform their rooms into a cool and amazing room for them to love. Though, be sure to take into consideration what your children like as it can help you when creating their room’s design.

Paint the Room in a Colour They Like
Do not try to paint the room with colours your kids do not like, because then they will not feel comfortable, and it will be hard for them to study and to relax in their room. Nonetheless, be sure to pick a colour they like the most but one that will go together with the rest of the home’s design as well. Do not try to re-live your childhood fantasises as it could have been a colour you always wanted, but your kid might not like it.

Install Shelves 
There is almost never enough space for putting away anything in a kid’s room. If you install floating shelves, not only will it look amazing, but it will be very practical as well. However, make sure that you do not put the shelves up too high, as you want your kids to reach them without hurting themselves in the process.

Pick a Creativity Corner
Every child bedroom should have a creativity corner where they will be able to express themselves freely and without any adults meddling with their ideas. Moreover, if you manage to make a chalkboard wall, it will be great for children, especially when smaller, as they will be able to draw without getting intro trouble. This will be a great opportunity to use the wall for writing down to-do lists as well, which your kid can easily see, and follow.

Think Ahead When Decorating
Depending on the age of your children, you will have to think long term and make sure that you do not get something that might have to be thrown out later on. While it is hard to make precise predictions, you can always rely on classically themed décor for either boys or girls. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from giving your kid a chance to choose something they would like to have in their rooms. After all, it is their room, and they will be spending the most time there.

Lighting Is Important in a Room
Making your kid’s room bright is important, but do not go overboard with lights and fixtures, because in the end you could make the room seem weird. Instead try to opt for lightings solutions they might like as well, and of course try to get a few night lights in there so that they will not be scared too much after dark. Be sure to install switches at locations they can easily reach to make it easier for them when they want a glass of water at night.

Before you start remodelling and upgrading your kid’s room, be sure to settle with them what they want, and if they are too young, make sure to pick out something that resembles their likes the most. Do not assume that just because children are young they will be delighted with whatever you install in their rooms. Simple décor can help you out, and when you repaint their rooms, be sure to pick a colour they seem to like the most, but do not overdo with other things, as the vividness of some colours can be overwhelming.

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