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Getting the Right Light for Your Kid's Room

>> Dec 4, 2015

Lighting in your kid’s room is an important factor, as they can get scared at night, and it could help them fall asleep faster. Moreover, having a cool light in their room will also make them feel happier and more proud of their own room. But, make sure that when you pick out a light, you do it together with your kid, so that you do not leave them out of the decision, it is their room after all.

Define The Lamp’s Purpose
Not every lamp should have the same purpose in a room, because getting a lamp for just having a lamp is not worth it, and it will only take up space. Instead, define problematic areas and find a good lighting solution. Include night lights as well, because that way, your kids will not feel threatened during night time.

Do Not Get Lights Which Are Too Bright or Too Dim
The light your lamp will emit is also important for the room, because depending on its colour temperature, you can have a nicely lit room, and a really awkwardly dark one. However, do not just go with what the salespersons are offering you, instead, always try it out, and make sure to ask your kid if it suits them. You can also fiddle with the colour to set the ambient in your kid’s room, and using various lights can help stimulate your kids.

Always Plan for Safety
When choosing a new light source, you will have to think ahead and take into consideration that children will have a habit of tripping, touching and pulling on things. Your lights should have light bulbs which are not easily extractable and cables which can be well hidden from curious kids’ hands. Moreover, if possible, try to mount lights in places which are hard to reach, so that only adults can tinker with them. Do not forget to teach your kids about safety around lamps, and why it is important.

Make Their Room More Interesting
Installing a unique or oddly shaped light can really improve the overall design and ambient of your kid’s room. On the other hand, you need to take their room’s decorations and design into consideration as well, because you will be able to create a unique setting that will transform their room into an amazing fort of awesomeness.  But, be sure not to go overboard, because your kids will soon grow out of their phases, and then you will have to change lights once again.

Make the Room Light Up From The Inside
If you install LED wall lights, you can really make the room appear like part of the overall design. And, if you manage to hide lights with mouldings, you can create amazing art and make your kid’s room that much more interesting. But, be sure that you do not leave any cables hanging to avoid any unnecessary accidents from happening. Keep in mind that LED lights are easy to maintain, and you will be able to change the colour of the light as well, if you or your kid decides to shake things up a bit.

You can really add ambient and charm to any room with lights, and for kids it is going to be important, because they will safer and more at ease during night. However, you should never try to force any design or colour your kid might not be comfortable with. Because it is their room, you need to ensure that they partake in the choosing process as well, so that you can find a light they will love.

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